Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Best Weapons for Each Character

A list of best weapons for each character in FF7 Remake Intergrade/Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS5 and PS4. Included are each weapon's unique characteristics and how to obtain them in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Best Weapons

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Best Weapons

Below are the best weapons for each playable character in FF7 Remake Intergrade. Each weapon focuses on specific playstyles so it is worth switching between them as you go through the game’s main story and take on a variety of enemies and bosses.

All Weapons List and Locations


Name Details
FF7 Remake - HardedgeHardedge The best physical damage weapon for Cloud when fully-upgraded. The Hardedge is best used when leaving the casting of offensive and support magic to other characters.

The Hardege is can be purchased at the Wall Market weapons shop (Chapter 9).

FF7 Remake - Twin StingerTwin Stinger The fully-upgraded Twin Stinger provides a good balance of physical and magic attack power, making it the most versatile sword in Cloud’s arsenal. This weapon builds on Cloud’s natural spread of attributes that highlight both melee combat and spellcasting for taking on most enemies near the end of the game.

The Twin Stinger is obtained in Shinra Tower in The Drum after reuniting with Barret (Chapter 17).


Name Details
FF7 Remake - Metal KnucklesMetal Knuckles This capitalizes on Tifa’s strengths which are speed, physical damage output, and ability to quickly stagger enemies with combos and abilities.

The Metal Knuckles are obtained after defeating Crab Warden (Chapter 5).

FF7 Remake - Purple Pain Purple Pain Purple Pain gives Tifa decent boosts in spellcasting while increasing her critical hit rate and critical damage.  This allows her to rush enemies down with ease, especially with equipment that gives increases in her luck attribute.

The Purple Pain is found in a hidden chest at Shinra Tower Lobby (Chapter 16) accessible by clinging on to the monkey bars to cross the gap.


Name Details
FF7 Remake - Big BerthaBig Bertha Big Bertha is a natural option for Barret, granting him increased physical damage and HP to endure some punishment himself.

Big Bertha is purchased at Sector 6 slums (Chapter 13).

FF7 Remake - EKG CannonEKG Cannon Barret’s strengths in ranged combat can be complemented with some boosts in magic damage to make him more of a well-rounded party member. The increases in critical hit rate and critical damage are also great when peppering enemies from afar to build ATB bars.

The EKG Cannon is obtained after paying Hart 10,000 gil after speaking with Domino in Shinra Tower (Chapter 16).


Name Details
FF7 Remake - Mythril RodMythril Rod The best weapon for Aerith when building her as a pure mage character. Mythril Rod offers the best boosts in magic attack while increasing her MP to cast more spells.

The Mythril Rod is found at the Train Graveyard (Chapter 11).

FF7 Remake - Reinforced StaffReinforced Staff The Reinforced Staff grants Aerith increased survivability to compensate for her low physical defense and HP while still offering good skills for using magic.

The Reinforced Staff is obtained from a chest (Chapter 17).

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  1. Check out light machine gun for Barret (reprieve) and silver staff for aerith. Those are what I use. Purple pain for tifa and twin stinger for cloud. Also mention mythril sword for a magic build on cloud utilizing blade burst ability