Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Weapon Upgrade Guide

A guide on how to upgrade weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are basic mechanics, how to unlock, and best weapons to upgrade for each character.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Weapon Upgrade Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Upgrading Weapons

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - How to Upgrade Weapons

You can upgrade weapons to acquire new skills when wielding them in battle. You can do this by going into the menu and selecting Upgrade Weapons.

Skill Points (SP) are expended when upgrading weapons. These are acquired whenever a character levels up or by using combat manuscripts found throughout the game.

Unlocking Weapon Upgrades

To upgrade weapons, you must have reached Chapter 3 in the main story.

Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough

How to Upgrade Weapons

FF7 Remake - Weapon Upgrade Guide

From the Upgrade Weapons menu, select a weapon you wish to upgrade. This will open up the weapon core screen, allowing you to choose skills you wish to unlock using your available SP.

FF7 Remake - Weapon Upgrade Guide

Acquiring skills of a weapon’s core unlocks sub-cores that allow you to obtain more powerful skills and even additional materia slots. Because of this, even weapons acquired early on will be as strong as those obtained later in the game.

Best Weapons for Each Character

How to Get SP

Grind Levels

As mentioned, SP can be obtained whenever a character levels up which can be slow and time-consuming when at high levels. It is recommended to play the game on Hard Mode which grants x3 experience and x2 AP when defeating enemies.

Use Combat Manuscripts

Another way to get SP is to get combat manuscripts. These key items instantly grant a character a fixed amount of SP when used.

SP Farming Guide

Reallocating Spent SP

SP used to unlock weapon skills can be reallocated by clearing the side quest Chadley’s Report. This unlocks Chadley’s Reset Upgrades service that allows you to regain spent SP and allocate them again as you wish for a fee.

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