Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 4: Mad Dash Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Chapter 4: Mad Dash in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 4: Mad Dash Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Mad Dash

Main Story Walkthrough List


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Hi-Potion S7-6 Annex (small area behind the forklift)
Shinra ID Card On the uniform in the room of Jessie’s father.
Potion Shinra crates in the narrow passage going out of the residential area, Sector 7 Plate Edge
Revival Materia Sector 7 Plate Edge
Barrier Materia From Jessie at her house.


Enemy Area
Security Officer S7-6 Annex
Grenadier S7-6 Annex
Elite Security Officer S7-6 Annex
Riot Trooper S7-6 Annex
Shock Trooper S7-6 Annex
Elite Grenadier S7-6 Annex
Guard Dog S7-6 Annex
Sweeper S7-6 Annex
Roche (Boss) S7-6 Annex
Gorger Sector 7 Scrap Boulevard
Wererat Sector 7 Scrap Boulevard
Mysterious Spectre Sector 7 Slums
Enigmatic Specre Sector 7 Slums


To Sector 7

1 Take out the enemies that are pursuing you. Do not forget to watch the road as there will be various obstacles along the way. You can press L1 to go into Sharp Gust to hit foes from afar as well.
2 Halfway along the road Roche will appear and will first destroy the arches above to cause debris to come crashing down the road. Accelerate with R2 to go through the arch just in time.

Roche will often attack you with his own Sharp Gust that shoots out either single or multiple waves at you and Wedge. You can guard against them with the R1 button or time your driving to move sidedways to avoid them. When Roche stops attacking, gain on him with R2 to engage him up close.

Be careful when you see Roche dip his bike’s nose with its back wheels raise as he will perform an AoE attack. He will also ride the walls and summon lightning onto the road. Weave through them by driving left and right.

3 After the fight with Roche, go up the ladder and follow the AVALANCHE members. Open the gate to proceed to the Sector 7 Employee Housing Area.


1 Follow the AVALANCHE members through the street to the house of Jessie’s parents. Afterwards, position yourself on the left corner of the house for a cutscene.

The Jessie Job

1 Go round the back of the house and enter the door, then take the door on the right. Once inside Jessie’s father’s room, you can pick up the letter on the ground in front of the drawer ahead. Afterwards, get the Shinra ID card from the uniform hanging to the left of Jessie’s father.
2 After getting the card, head back outside and walk to the front of the house for another cutscene.

Sector 7-6 Annex Infiltration

1 Follow Biggs and Wedge through the street and up the stairs near the checkpoint. After the cutscene, follow Biggs and Wedge again.
2 Note that you can buy items, armor, accessories, and materia from the vending machine on your right (the stock is the same as those in Sector 7). The bench next to it lets you sleep to fully restore HP and MP.
3 Move ahead and round the corner to the right and head for the room past the forklift ahead to get a chest with Hi-Potion x2. Afterwards, turn around and walk to Biggs and Wedge just ahead.
4 Prepare your equipment and restock items if you need to. It is recommended to have a good supply of Potions and Ether as you will need to deal with a wave of Shinra troops ahead. Be sure to equip the Lightning, Fire, and the Ifrit materia as well before talking to Biggs again to start the mission.

A Little Diversion

1 After the cutscene, move ahead and go through the gate’s opening. You will need to take out a group of Security Officers and Grenadiers inside.
2 After the first wave, an Elite Security Office and Riot Trooper will appear. Both of these can be taken out quickly with Fire. Avoid the missiles falling around the battlefield by staying on the move as you attack.
3 After the second wave, a Shock Trooper and Elite Grenadier will arrive. Try to take out the Elite Grenadier first as it will constantly pepper you with powerful ranged attacks.
4 The third wave consists of a pack of Guard Dogs. As usual, deal with them with Fire. Wedge will occasionally distract them for you, giving you time to use a Potion or Ether.
5 When the two Sweepers appear, bait them into doing their Hard Charger attack to make them step on the mines. Afterwards, bombard them with Thunder to stagger them. Do not hesitate to heal when your HP gets too low.
6 After taking care of the Sweepers, Roche will challenge you. The fight main revolves around blocking and countering Roche after he attacks with his sword, which is not too hard to anticipate. When you get enough ATB, use Focused Thrust to build up his Stagger meter. As with most human enemies, he is weak to fire. Note that Roche uses Thunder magic.

Upon taking enough damage, Roche will go into his second phase. He will gain new attacks at this stage, which are a quick dashing slash, Ignition Flame, and Combustion Sword. The quick dashing slash is telegraphed when he tucks his sword to his side. Simply dodge away to avoid. The move cannot be interrupted, but can be parried. A good strategy against him is to parry his dashing slash and immediately counter with strong attack. Roche will usually do Ignition Flame as a retaliation move after you have landed multiple hits on him.

When Roche winds up Combustion Sword, be ready to dodge sideways to avoid  three consecutive lunging attacks.

Rendezvous at the Empty Lot

1 After the cutscene, follow Biggs to the right section of the checkpoint. Climb up the dumpster and follow him past the trucks on the path ahead.

Return to the Slums

1 When Jessie appears, follow the group through the narrow space between the fence and truck. Proceed along the residential area and through the door to reach a straight passage.
2 Go down the stairs and follow the group. You can break the Shinra crates along the way to get some Potions.
3 When you reach the Sector 7 Plate Edge, pick up the Revival Materia on your left.
4 Continue following the group for a cutscene.

To Wedge’s Place

1 Upon returning to Sector 7 Slums, follow Wedge. Take out the Gorgers and Wererats along the way at Scrap Boulevard.
2 Continuing following Wedge for more cutscenes.

Remaining Payment

1 Afterwards, head to Jessie’s house to get Barrier Materia.
2 Return to Stargazer Heights. You can drop by Biggs’ house northwest from Jessie’s to talk to him.

Slum Wisdom

1 When you return to your apartment, choose Sleep Until Tomorrow for a cutscene.
2 Go outside after waking up.

A Sudden Attack

1 After the cutscene, defeat the Mysterious Spectres as you make your way to 7th Heaven. They will occasionally swarm and bind one of your allies, so switch to another character to unbind them.
2 When you reach 7th Heaven, get ready to battle more Mysterious Spectres and the Enigmatic Spectre. Note that the Enigmatic Spectre will become vulnerable to attacks upon defeating Mysterious Spectres.
3 After the battle, watch the cutscene.

A New Operation

1 Go outside the bar for a cutscene. Afterwards, head for the Sector 7 station. Before leaving, you may want to clear any unfinished Mercenary Quests and Battle Intel missions to claim their rewards. Drop by the item shop to purchase items if you need to.
2 Talk to Barret at the station to depart.

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