Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Valkyrie Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Valkyrie in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it in the game.


Valkyrie is a boss encountered at the Sector 7 Plate. The boss is commonly seen using ranged attacks but can also unleash a powerful melee. Valkyrie is weak to Lightning and Wind.

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Weakness Lightning, Wind
Strong Against
Immunity Berserk, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop


Mark 98 Rotary Cannons

One of Valkyrie’s common attacks. The boss sprays bullets within its line of fire.

Mark 99 Anti-Fiend Artillery

Valkyrie fires a pair of rockets in quick succession. The hit causes some splash damage to nearby members.

Napalm Drop

Valkyrie scatters bombs while gliding around its enemy.

Antipersonnel Gas

Valkyrie releases a purple cloud on the field that causes Sleep and Poison.


Valkyrie whirls rapidly. When it connects, the boss knocks the enemy down three more times before following-up with Mark 98 and Mark 99 weaponry. The total damage takes about half of its enemy’s health.


When you first come across Valkyrie, you won’t be able to fight it just yet. The boss comes after you with gunfire which forces you to sprint across shelters. After you trigger another cutscene, you’ll need to live through another round of gunfire.

First Phase

When the match starts, combine Lightning and Wind for Cloud and Barret respectively. Have Barret snipe it while it’s airborne using regular attacks. Top it off with some Overcharge and Maximum Fury. Meanwhile, have the Cloud and Tifa nuke it with Aeroga to bring it down. While the boss suffers from Stagger, have the melee members take turns to chip its health.

Second Phase

You can tell when it’s preparing for a new phase when the boss summons drones around the area. Focus on destroying the drone to prevent taking damage from the laser beam. After taking care of the summon, swap back to Barret and continue to take chunks of the boss’ health.

Wait for the boss to finish using Drill Dive. While it’s struggling to come out of the ground, close in and punish it with melee attacks. Valkyrie relies on weaponry while in the air which can be fought back with Guard. That being said, avoid dodging and focus on Guard to get past the attacks.

Final Phase

Unlike the previous phases, Valkyrie gains a new attack, Firewheel, on the last segment of the fight. The boss descends on the field and whirls viciously. The attack can potentially put your health down by half so use the opportunity to execute a dodge. Immediately grab the chance to close the distance and whittle it down with attacks.

Valkyrie can now also block any form of attack using Guard. Look for the blue laser that comes out and idle for a bit. When the laser starts to blink, take off to a safe spot. When timed right, the laser should hit the boss which deals great damage and potentially cause it to Stagger.

After getting familiar with the timing and making it Stagger, unleash a Limit Break to finish it off for good.

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