Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters

Main Story Walkthrough List


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Potion x2 In a chest through the rubble of sector 8.
Ether In a chest just outside the ruined passage of sector 8.
Healing Materia From Jessie.
Ether From Jessie.
Hi-Potion x2 From Jessie.
Grenade x3 Chest up the stairs from the station avenue.
Potion x3 Roof of the apartment at station avenue.
Yellow Flower From Aerith.
Hi-Potion Chest in an alley to the right of where you meet Aerith.
HP Up Materia Behind a white van in Loveless Street.
Power Wristguards Chest on Loveless Street (near some Shinra crates and a lamp post).
Potion Inside Shinra crates on Loveless Street.
Grenade x2 Chest on Loveless Street plaza.
Potion From the Shinra crates at the left of 8th Street Cafe.
Iron Bangle Chest on Loveless Street Plaza roofs.
Potion Shinra crates at Sector 8 Residential Area.
Ether Chest at Sector 8 Residential Area.
Potion Shinra crate at Sector 8 Residential Area.
Hi-Potion Chest at Sector 8 Residential Area.
Potion Shinra crate at Sector 8 Residential Area.


Enemy Area
Security Officer Various
Guard Dog Various
Grenadier Loveless Street Plaza, Sector 8 Residential Area
Shock  Trooper Loveless Street Plaza
Riot Trooper Sector 8 Residential Area
The Huntsman Sector 8 Residential Area


Use the Escape Route

1 Follow the AVALANCHE members.
2 Pick up Potion x2 from the chest ahead. Afterwards, continuing following the AVALANCHE members.
3 Once you get outside, pick up Ether from the chest on the right.
4 Head up the stairs and follow the group again. Jessie will give you a Healing Materia, Ether, and Hi-Potion x2. Read the tutorial in materia and summons afterwards.

Reach the Sector 8 Station

1 Walk northeast to a chest in front of door to Mrs. Arcade to get 50 gil.
2 Follow the avenue east. Jessie will call out to you form above. Use the stairs on the right to climb up.
3 Get Grenade x3 from the chest on the left. Follow the bridge of debris until it collapses, then go east.
4 More debris will fall as you move east. Watch the cutscene.
5 Follow Sephiroth along the burning avenue and into an alley for another cutscene.

Taking a Detour

1 Exit the alley through the passage ahead. When you reach the street, go into another alley just ahead.
2 Climb up the stairs and ladder to the top of the apartment. Follow the path to find a chest with Potion x3.
3 Go down the stairs on the other side of the roof and down the ladder to reach Loveless Street.
4 Move ahead to the forked street and take the path on the left for a cutscene. Afterwards, ask Aerith how much the flower is.
5 Defeat the Security Officers that appear. Then, go through the alley on the right and follow it to find a chest with Hi-Potion.
6 Backtrack to the forked street and defeat the enemies there. Pick up the HP Up materia behind the white van.
7 Return to the street where you met Aerith and take out more Security Officers there. Move ahead and get Deadly Dodge materia near the car on the right.
8 Make a left on the street to find a Security and two Guard Dogs. Take them out to gain exp. Open the chest near the Shinra crates on the left to find Power Wristguards. Break the crates to find Potion.
9 Backtrack again and head for the plaza with the big fountain. Take out the enemies there, including a new enemy called Grenadier. Use Fire to clear  out the enemies faster. Afterwards, defeat the two Shock Troopers that arrive.
10 Take out another wave of Security Offices that appear. Get Grenade x2 to the left of 8th Street Cafe. You can follow the path to the left of the cafe to find Shinra crates with Potion.
11 Go up the ladder at the left of 8th Street Cafe. Follow the path on the roof. When you descend from one of the ladders, get Iron Bangle from the chest on the left.
12 Keep going down the ladders until you reach Sector 8 Residential Area. Take out the enemies there, including a rod-wielding enemy called Riot Trooper.

The Riot Trooper hides behind the shield to block and counter your attacks. Fire magic will make short work of him. You can also try to outlank him to get in some normal attacks.

13 Follow the path ahead. More enemies will  appear behind the truck leading to the corner of the street. Take out the enemies and get potion from the Shinra crates behind them.
14 Proceed further into the residential area until you reach a street with a row of houses with stoops on your left. Take out the two Security Officers there.
15 Go up the steps to get up to the stoops on the left and follow it going north. Take out the enemies along the way. Go past the tables and chairs of the closed outdoor diner to find a chest with Ether.
16 Go down the steps and continue further into the residential area while taking out more enemies. Destroy the Shinra crates to your right just before the long residential street.
17 As you start to move along the long street, turn left to find a chest with Hi-Potion beside a truck. Proceed on the long street again and destroy the Shinra crates on the right to find Potion.
18 About halfway through the long street, more enemies will arrive, including a unique enemy called The Huntsman. Focus on taking out the weaker enemies first before focusing on The Huntsman.
19 After you have defeated The Huntsman, watch the cutscene.

Last Train

1 Follow the AVALANCHE members through the freight cars. After squeezing your way on the narrow space on the right, turn left to find a chest with 100 gil.
2 Proceed further along the freight until you reach the passenger car. Talk to Wedge and then Biggs. Then, talk to Jessie near the door.
3 Go through the door and watch the cutscene. Talk to Jessie at the end of the car.

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  1. During chapter 2 there is also a purple materia down one of the dead end streets. It’s called power roll, I think.