Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Walkthrough

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps

Main Story Walkthrough List


Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Cloud StrifeCloud Final Fantasy VII Remake - Aerith Gainsborough IconAerith
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart IconTifa  

Obtainable Items

Item Holder Location
Moogle Medal Chest Beyond the Ladder
Hi-Potion Chest Beyond the Ladder
Phoenix Down Chest Chasing Tifa
Star Pendant Chest Wall Market
Headband Chest Wall Market
Ether Chest Wall Market


Area Enemies
Take the Shortcut Terpsicolt
Take the Shortcut Lesser Drake
Beyond the Ladder Sweeper Prototype
Beyond the Ladder Smogger
Beyond the Dead End Beck
Working Together Again Bandit
Colosseum Beastmaster
Colosseum Cutter, Sweeper
Colosseum Hell House
Colosseum Lackey


Take the Shortcut

1 Watch cutscene.
2 Head up the inclined plane to trigger a cutscene.
3 Trail behind Aerith and break the shinra crates as you go along. Squeeze under the debris.
4 Go straight to trigger an ambush.
5 After disposing of the Terpsicolt, take the left and climb the ladder. You’ll be pit against a Lesser Drake this time.

Beyond the Ladder

6 Head down the slope to face another ladder.
7 Before approaching the ladder, look behind you for some shinra crates. Destroy them and then open the chest for a Moogle Medal.
8 Take the ladder to reach the floor below and then operate the robotic arm using the console. Place the arm on the yellow grid and offer a ride to Aerith.
9 Configure the position of the robotic arm so that it can pull her to the ledge.
10 After Aerith drops the ladder, head up to encounter the Sweeper Prototype. Take it out.
11 When the coast is clear, a dialogue will occur. Talk to Aerith.
12 Take the ladder on the right side.
13 After using the ladder, check behind you to find a chest. Unlock it to find Hi-Potions.
14 Go through the corridor and then move sideways to cross the left gap.
15 Cross the passage to find a ladder on the opposite side.
16 After using the ladder, make a left to find a pair of Terpsicolt.
17 When the path is clear, go around the left and then descend the slope to find some crates and a chest. Go and take the gil.
18 Continue along the path to reach the crossroads.
19 If you opt to fight a pair of Smoggers, head to the left path. You’ll come back to this section later, which means that if you don’t mind skipping the enemies, you can continue right.
20 After taking the right path, approach another console and take the crate that’s covering the way. Move the crate to the right and then offer Aerith a ride.
21 Drop Aerith on onto the crate to have her pick up the materia. Offer her another ride and then reposition the robotic arm to the upper platform. Drop Aerith off onto the yellow grid.
22 After she lowers the ladder, use the ladder nearby and then take the ladder Aerith used.
23 Go and check the vending machine if you wish and use the bench.
24 Continue along the path straight to reach the slope. Make a right and then use the ladder.
25 Keep up with the path leading right and then cross the narrow beam to get to the corridor.
26 Enter the door to trigger a cutscene.
27 Pass through the debris to reach the nearby corridor.

Beyond the Dead End

28 Go through the corridor and then take the ladder.
29 Take out the bandits first and then finish off the Sweeper Prototype.

Working Together Again

30 Go up the slope and then use the console. Collect the crate near Aerith. Put the load to the right ledge. Offer Aerith a ride and place her on the crate. She’ll fetch the materia for you.
31 Offer her another ride and then drop her off to the floor. Take the load again and then put it within the yellow grid. Press triangle to swap and then take the other load. Put it down to stack on top of the first load.
32 Swap the arm again and then offer a ride to Aerith. Put her on top of the stack of crates. Shift to the other robot arm and then put her down on the yellow grid on the corner.
33 After Aerith drops the ladder, take the ladder nearby and then head up to regroup.
34 When the cutscene is over, go right and break the shinra crates. Make a left and ascend the ladder.
35 Defeat the bandits
36 Follow to reach the next zone and then pass under the debris.

Saying Goodbye

37 Keep going to trigger a dialogue at the park.
38 Go straight for another cutscene.
39 From here, you can do some preparations. When you’re done, talk to Aerith for a cutscene.

Chasing Tifa

40 Follow Tifa.
41 Talk to Sam for a dialogue.
42 Choose one of the following options to describe Tifa.
43 Follow the path leading down to the opposite end of the alley and then move right and pick up the Phoenix Down from the chest.
44 Feel free to look around Wall Market and peruse the shops.
45 Head to Wall Market. You can opt to go through the right passing the street to reach the exit. Take the road and then leave through the left. Go under the debris to find a chest. Unlock it for a Star Pendant.
46 Aside from the armor, you might find another materia. Start at the area’s entrance and then go straight and make a right at the crossroads. Follow the path to find Chadley. If you’ve been working on the missions, you can talk to him to receive a materia.
47 From the entrance, go straight and then make a left at the intersection. Pass through the alley and then head left. Take the stairs and make a right. Head to the back area for a chest near the bathroom. Open it for a Headband.
48 After the stroll, head to the far southwest of the location and then head up the stairs to reach the mansion.
49 Go around the mansion’s perimeter to come across some chests containing gil and Ether.
50 Walk up to the mansion and then go inside to trigger a cutscene.
51 Exit the mansion take some objectives.

Honeybee Inn

52 Descend the stairs and head to the street.
53 Take the steps and then turn left.
54 Go through and make a right on the closest turn.
55 Approach the path straight to find the inn on the left.
56 Go in to trigger a cutscene.

Wall Market Outskirts – Chocobo Sam

57 After leaving the inn, return to the main entrance of Wall Market.
58 Head out and make a right to find the NPC.
59 Approach him and you’ll be asked to decide the outcome of a coin toss. Choose heads or tails to receive a Chocobo coin.

Madam M’s Massage Parlor

60 Return to Wall Market and then make a right.
61 Go to the far end of the street.
62 When you’re near the exit, make a right to find the parlor.
63 Enter to trigger a cutscene.
64 Avail of the service.

Don Corneo’s Mansion

65 Exit the parlor and go back to the mansion.
66 Go inside and talk to the man by the door on the left.
67 Use the elevator call button and go inside to reach the colosseum. Enter the main hall for a cutscene.
68 Enter the left door to find a rest stop.


69 Return to the hall and then the enter the door, second from the left. Talk to Johnny.
70 Examine the vial on the table. Choose whichever option.
71 Return to the main hall and report to the man by the gate.
72 Defeat Beastmaster.
73 Go to the corridor to trigger another cutscene.
74 Swing by the bench for a brief respite.
75 Feel free to enter the previous room, second room on the left to find the bandits.
76 When you’re ready, approach the gate and tell the NPC that you’re geared up.
77 Defeat Beck.
78 Return to the hall to trigger a cutscene.
79 Rest up and then return to the main hall.
80 Return to the gate and talk to the NPC to enter the finals.
81 Defeat Cutter and Sweeper.
82 Watch the cutscene.
83 Take a break at the bench.
84 Go back to the gate to start the bonus match.
85 Defeat the Hell House.

Madam M’s Massage Parlor

86 Return to the massage parlor.
87 Talk to Madam M and then tell her that the preparations are ready.
88 Go outside and return to the Wall Market entrance.
89 Exit the gate and make a right, talk to Sam.
90 Decide to complete quests or not. When you’re ready, go to the parlor.
91 Talk to Madam M for a cutscene.
92 Head back to the mansion and talk to the guard. Go back outside for a cutscene.
93 Descend the stairs and go back to the inn. Talk to the NPC on the counter.
94 Go through the door to the back area and then talk to the Honeybees.
95 Practice the steps before you proceed.
96 After finalizing the preparations a cutscene will play.
97 Complete the mini-game.
98 Make a left and go through the alley to find Cloud.
99 Talk to him two times to trigger a cutscene.
100 Go back to the mansion and then head in. Talk to the servant and go through the hallway.
101 Go inside the unlocked door and then follow the instructions.
102 When you’re down to the last two doors, enter each one to trigger a cutscene.
103 Head up the stairs and enter the door for a cutscene.
104 Check the left and open the chest for a Molotov Cocktail.
105 Go outside and make your way to the main area.
106 You can opt to go down and defeat the servants. Squeeze through a hidden path for a chest which houses a Fury Ring.
107 From the main area’s second floor, enter the door in the middle.
108 Defeat the servants.
109 Enter the doors to find Corneo’s quarters for a cutscene.

Strategy for Enemies

Four elementals come in handy for this chapter and it’s a matter of when you use them. When starting the chapter, assign Ice and Wind materia since the enemies are prone to these elementals. Terpsicolt are weak to Ice, whereas the Lesser Drake are prone to Wind. In addition, the Lightning materia comes in handy against a new enemy, the Sweeper Prototype. Last but not the least, have the Fire materia set before you approach the door past the narrow beam. The last elemental makes quick work of Beck and his group.

Sweeper Prototype appears after operating the console. Switch to Lightning materia to take them out swiftly.

After crossing the narrow beam, swap to the fire materia as you wait by the door. The trio that you’re about to face are vulnerable to fire damage. Using fire elemental immobilizes the three, preventing them from crippling you with stun.

With the encounter against Beck’s goons marks the spawn of bandit enemies in the area. When you encounter these enemy types, prioritize on knocking them out first to prevent valuables from getting stolen.

Colosseum Guide

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