Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 in Episode INTERmission for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade). Included are the boss' stats, weaknesses, resistances, enemy item drops, attacks, and strategy to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 Boss Guide

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 Boss Guide

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Pride and Joy Mk.0.5 Boss Guide

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 is a boss encountered in Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake Intergrade) Intergrade Episode INTERmission. The boss is a different version of Pride and Joy, a massive military weapon developed by the Shinra Electric Power Corporation encountered as a secret boss in FF7 Remake (base version).

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Below are the trophies related to Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 and how to unlock them in FF7 Remake Intergrade.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Ultimate Weapon 2.0 PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Defeat the Pride and Joy Mk 0.5.


Below are Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5’s stats, including the boss’ level, HP and MP, weaknesses and resistances, and other useful enemy information.

Weakness Lightning
Lesser Resistance
Greater Resistance
Items Gotterdammerung x2 (Reward)


Below are Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5’s attacks, details on each move, and recommended countermeasures in battle.

Name Details Countermeasure
Shoulder Guns Fires multiple shots in front of it. from its shoulders. Get behind it or run to the side.
Sweeping Lighting Beam Shoots a concentrated beam of electricity that sweeps from left to right. Very hard to outrun. Use Brumal Form.
Triple Chest Beams Fires a concentrated laser in front of it three times. Get behind it or use Brumal Form.
Flamethrower Shoots flames in front of it from its kneecaps. Get behind it or dodge to the side.
Catch Grabs a target and binds it, immobilizing them. Attack the boss’ right arm to free the bound ally.
Fire Bombs Shoots fire bombs that create linger circles of flame on the battlefield. Walking on the flames causes you to take damage. Get behind it or run to the side.
Brutal Tackle Charges at the target in front of it before ending with a foot stomp. Get behind it or dodge to the side.
Brute Force Winds up before slamming its entire body to the ground. Run away or use Brumal Form.
Beam Cannon Charges for a brief moment before shooting massive long-range beam from its shoulders. Will always at long-range. Get behind it or use Brumal Form.


Below is a guide on how to beat Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5, including recommenced party, equipment, skills, magic, Materia, and abilities to use against the boss.

It is recommended to link Elemental and Fire Materia on your armor to make Ifrit easier to deal with when it appears halfway through the Bahamut fight. This also allows you to ignore the damage dealt by stepping on the flames created by Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5’s fire bombs later.

Since Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 is weak to lighting, having access to Thundaga is recommended. This is in addition to Lightning Ninjutsu that you should constantly use throughout the fight against it. Have Ramuh Summon Materia equipped as well.

For survivability, have Healing and Magnify Materia linked to keep Yuffie and Sonon’s HP at high levels as much as possible. Revival Materia is also recommended, especially when Sonon uses Self-Sacrifice to revive Yuffie.


Most of Bahamut’s attacks can be evaded using Yuffie’s Brumal Form if timed well. This also allows you to build up ATB gauges if done successfully, giving you the option to use synergized attacks when Bahamut counts down his Mega Flare attack or use Brumal Form to avoid incoming blows again.

Use Synergized Art of War as frequently to quickly fill Bahamut’s stagger gauge with your regular attacks. Have Sonon use Fighting Spirit to increase his damage output as well.


Bahamut will summon Ifrit when you successfully reduce his HP to about half. Continue attacking Bahamut to prevent it from using Mega Flare a second time and focus on Ifrit when he is alone.

Ifrit should not pose a threat if you have fire resistance granted by Elemental and Fire Materia linked on your armor. Simply pummel Ifrit with Ice Ninjutsu and Ice Banishment together with synergized attacks and Ifrit will go down eventually.


The best way to deal with Ramuh is to use wind attacks, particularly Synergize Windstorm and Wind Ninjutsu to build up his stagger gauge. Use Brumal Form as well to refill your ATB by timing it with Ramuh’s other moves.

Another good opportunity to quickly fill up Ramuh’s stagger gauge is to time a perfect block when he uses Voltaic Lance. Successfully performing the precision block significantly builds his stagger so always take the opportunity to do it when he winds up Voltaic Lance.

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5

Have Yuffie bombard Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 with Lightning Ninjutsu and Thundaga to fill the boss’ stagger gauge safely from a distance. Calling out Ramuh is also recommended to exploit Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5’s weakness to lightning.

Be sure to stay on the move throughout the fight to avoid Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5’s sweeping beam and fire bombs. Note that the latter move creates circles of flame that linger on the battlefield for a short period, though having Elemental and Fire Materia linked on your armor saves you the trouble of avoiding them when moving around.

Since Sonon tends to fight Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 up close and will frequently be bound when the boss uses catch. When this happens, aim for the boss’ right arm with Lightning Ninjutsu to break him free.

If you prefer to fight the boss up close as well, try staying behind it while throwing out regular and synergized attacks to build up its stagger gauge. Just remember to run away from Prided and Joy Mk. 0.5 when it prepares to use Brute Force as the attack has a massive radius that can hit you even if you are behind it.

When Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 charges up Beam Cannon, use Brumal Form to avoid it. Since the attack only hits targets in front of it, you can simply move behind it (if you are fighting up close) and it the move will always miss. If you do get hit, take the time to use Curaga and get your HP back up before engaging the boss again.

Continue hammering the boss with lightning and synergized attacks while keeping an eye on your HP, which should preferably be more than half at all times. Be sure to use Limit Breaks especially when it is staggered to stack as much damage as you can until it the boss is defeated.

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