Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Mini Games List

A list of all mini games in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including basic mechanics and controls.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Mini Games

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mini Games


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Darts Mini Game

The darts mini game can be accessed at 7th Heaven Bar in Midgar. The object of the game is to score as high as you can throughout each round. Aiming is done using the left analog stick while throwing a dart is executed with the circle button.

Darts Mini Game Guide


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Squats Mini Game

The squats mini game can be played at Sector 6 Slums Wall Market Gym. You will be pit against an opponent to see you can do the most squats within the time limit.

Squats Mini Game Guide

To perform a squat, you must press a sequence of buttons in a rhythm indicated on the screen. After a short period, the indicator will disappear, requiring you to press the sequence of buttons by memory.

Inputting the wrong buttons or not timing them according to the rhythm will cause you to fall down. This will give your opponent an advantage as you will waste time trying to get up.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Pull-Ups Mini Game

The pull-ups mini game is accessed at Sector 6 Slums Wall Market Gym. Similar to doing squats, the pull-ups mini game requires you to perform as many pull-ups as you can by inputting the correct sequence of buttons at a controlled pace. You will win if you do more pull-ups than your opponent within the time limit.

Pull-ups Mini Game Guide

Corneo Colosseum

FF7 Remake - Corneo Colosseum

The Corneo Colosseum is a battle arena at Sector 6 Slums Wall Market. First introduced as part of the main story, you will eventually be able to participate in battle challenges that pit you against various groups of enemies. Clearing these challenges rewards you with valuable items, including key items to learn new Limit Breaks for characters.

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FF7 Remake - Whack a Box Mini Game

The Whack-a-Box mini game can be played at Sector 5 Slums Children’s Secret Hideout. The mini game requires you earn a high score by destroying various colored boxes scattered around a fixed course within the time limit. Rewards are given according to the difficulty and points earned at the end of the mini game.

Whack-a-Box Mini Game Guide

Shinra Combat Simulator

FF7 Remake - Shinra Combat Simulator

Similar to Corneo Colosseum battle challenges, the Shinra Combat Simulator lets you fight a variety of enemies to earn rewards. Accessed later in the main story (Shinra Headquarters), the combat simulator features stronger enemies and rewards even more valuable items. Among the rewards earned are rare materia, armor, and SP manuals.

Shinra Combat Simulator Guide

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