Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Weiss the Immaculate in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade). Included are the boss' stats, weaknesses, resistances, enemy item drops, attacks, and strategy to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

Weiss the Immaculate is a secret boss encountered upon reaching Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos of Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake Intergrade) on Hard difficulty. He can be fought in the Shinra Combat Simulator ★7 Battle Challenge Three-person Team Vs. The Immaculate One after clearing the Episode INTERmission extra story content.

How to Unlock Weiss VR Boss Fight

Weiss is the sadistic ruler of Shinra’s secret research center Deepground. Imprisoned by Shinra’s scientists out of fear for his immense strength, he awaits the day he can exact his revenge.

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Below are the trophies related to Weiss and how to unlock them in FF7 Remake Intergrade.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Corruptor of the Immaculate PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophySilver Defeat Weiss the Immaculate.


Below are the Weiss’ stats, including the boss’ level, HP and MP, weaknesses and resistances, and other useful enemy information.

Lesser Resistance
Greater Resistance
Items Gotterdammerung x2 (Reward)


Below are the Weiss’ attacks, details on each move, and recommended countermeasures in battle.

Name Details Countermeasure
Jumping Slash Leaps into the air to perform a downward slash while coming down. Dodge to the side or away.
Stab Winds up for a brief period before dashing forward with a thrust attack. Time a dodge (with Cloud) at the right moment and you should leap over Weiss, giving you time to unload on him before he recovers.
Triple Slash Combo Throws out three consecutive slashes with his swords. Dodge to the side or away.
Rising Slash Dashes upward to perform a two-hit spinning slash. Dodge to the side or away.
Rising Slash – Gun Shot Jumps upward with a slash to send the target into the air before firing at them. Dodge to the side. Comes out very fast and is quite hard to dodge. Weiss tends to do this when you stay too long in front of him.
Evisceration – Obliteration Crosses both arms before slashing an X shape in front of him. If it connects, will go into Obliteration (four-hit slash attack). Dodge to the side. Timing is quite strict. If done correctly, gives you time to attack him when he misses.
Crosswise Cleave – Execution Winds up briefly before rushing at you with a two-stage sword attack. Crosswise Cleave will send the target into the air while Execution catches the target as it falls to the ground. Dodge. Timing is quite strict. If done correctly, Weiss will not perform Execution and will briefly stop attacking.
Phase Shift (Second Phase) Equips a massive gun changes his moveset to mostly ranged attacks.
Walking Shot (Second Phase) Fires multiple shots at targets in front of him. Run or dodge to the side. This attack is quite linear and should not be too hard to avoid.
Mutilation (Second Phase) Winds up very briefly before rushing towards a target to impale them with his gun barrel. Will then fire a powerful shot at the bound target. The tell for the attack is when a massive horn-like mass of energy forms on Weiss’ gun. Dodge to the side.
Rejuvenation (Second Phase) Casts a buff that slightly reduces his stagger gauge buildup for short period of time.
Azure Assault (Second Phase) Charges his gun with energy, generating horns of the barrel before pounding downward and slashing upward at the target in front. Dodge to the side or away.
Ballistic Blackhole (Second phase) Charges his gun before releasing a massive ball of black energy that does constant damage to target that come near it. Run away.


FF7 Remake Intergrade - Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

Below is a guide on how to beat the Weiss, including recommenced party, equipment, skills, magic, Materia, and abilities to use against the boss.

Recommended Party Setup

It is highly recommended to have Manawall for this fight to cut damage from Weiss’ attacks by half. Otherwise, your characters will often die from his combo sequences during his first phase.

A party with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith should be good enough to take on Weiss. Have Aerith constantly applying Manawall to each character (and using Curaga when allies’ HP fall below half) while Cloud and Tifa assume offensive duties to build up Weiss’ stagger gauge. You can also cast Regen if you are having too much trouble managing the party’s HP.

First Phase

The safest time to attack Weiss is after timing a leap over his Stab attack with Cloud. If done correctly, you will have a brief moment to unload on Weiss before he retaliates. Throughout the fight, focus on dodging Weiss and pummeling him with regular attacks to fill his stagger gauge. Since Weiss will have extremely high defense outside of his staggered state, save Limit Breaks and other powerful Abilities for later.

After staggering Weiss, unload on him with everything you have. You should be able to burn down his HP by half now which causes him to use Phase Shift.

Second Phase

For the second phase of the fight, Weiss will equip a massive gun to attack you from a distance, losing most of his mobility and combos but still very dangerous nonetheless.

The attack to watch out for at this stage is Mutilation. When Weiss is in range, he will impale the target with the barrel of his gun before firing a powerful shot that deals massive damage. Be sure to keep Manawall up during the fight and using Curaga when an ally’s heath drops below half.

You can simply attack Weiss when he uses Ballistic Black Hole if you can stack Manawall and Regen. This should give you enough time to have Cloud and Tifa fill up his stagger gauge again. Since Weiss loses most of his mobility during the second phase, you can have Aerith contribute more to attacking this time around. As with the first phase, have the entire party throw out their strongest Abilities and Limit Breaks when he drops to his knees and Weiss should go down.

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