Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Ramuh Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Ramuh in Episode INTERmission for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade). Included are the boss' stats, weaknesses, resistances, enemy item drops, attacks, and strategy to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to Defeat Ramuh Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Ramuh in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to Defeat Ramuh Boss Guide

Ramuh is a boss encountered through the Shinra Combat Simulator during Chapter 1: Wutai’s Finest of Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake Intergrade) Intergrade Episode INTERmission. Speak to Chadley in order to gain access to the boss.

Yuffie and Sonon must get past Scarlet and the Crimson Mare to steal the ultimate Materia that Wutai needs in the war against Shinra.

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Ramuh Boss Information

Below are Ramuh’s stats, including the boss’ level, HP and MP, weaknesses and resistances, and other useful enemy information.

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Ramuh Stats

Level ?
HP ?
MP ?
Weakness Wind
Lesser Resistance ?
Greater Resistance Ice, Fire
Immunity Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk
EXP Rewards 15,576 EXP
AP Rewards 20 AP
SP ?
Gil Rewards ? gil
Item Rewards Ramuh Summon Materia x1

Ramuh Moves

Below are Ramuh’s attacks, details on each move, and recommended countermeasures in battle.

Move Details Countermeasure
Levin Arrows Ramuh calls out lighting arrows coming from the top to hit the enemy. Use evade in a timely manner. Get close to Ramuh.
Luminous Falchion Ramuh uses his staff to hit enemies close by. The staff inflicts shock effect to enemies hit. Use guard to defend if you get caught by the melee attack Use evade.
Charged Current Ramuh powers up and shock the ground. Get away from Ramuh while it attempts to unleash the attack. Throw shuriken to counter.
Voltaic Lance Ramuh unleashes faster lighting bolts to hit the target. It remains to the ground for a while and shocks nearby enemies. Observe the target spot of the lance attack. Use evade in a timely manner. Don’t get near the lance while it is still on the ground.
Lightning Strike Ramuh calls out lightning strikes on a specific area. Evade and proceed to Ramuh to hurt him.
Summon Sparks Ramuh drops electric orbs around the area. These orbs will increase the damage of the boss. Approach the orbs and destroy them. (To be confirmed.)
Orbiting Wand Ramuh will throw his wand. It will spin around him hitting enemies nearby. Get some distance from the boss by evasion or use guard.
Electric Rampart Ramuh will shock a specific area of the ground. Get some distance from the boss by evasion or use guard.
Circuitous Bolt Ramuh will call out lightning bolts and they will remain and spin around him. Heal the party. Observe the flow of the lightning and keep evading.
Spark Flail Ramuh will slam one its spark
Judgement Bolt Ramuh will use its powerful attack. This move is unavoidable Heal the party at full HP to survive the damage.

Ramuh Strategies

Below is a guide on how to beat the Ramuh, including recommenced party, equipment, skills, magic, Materia, and abilities to use against the boss:

First Phase (100% HP)

Start engaging the boss by throwing Yuffie’s 4-Point Shuriken towards the boss. While getting close, use melee attacks and combos. Use Elementa Ninjutsu – Wind to deal damage to the boss and rack up its stagger gauge. Also, use Art of War to boost the party’s attack power.

Ramuh will use its moves in succession. Levin Arrows are long-range lightning attacks so approach the boss while it is being used. Anticipate the melee attack of Ramuh which is Luminous Falchion. This inflicts shock or paralyzes status always guard and evade. It will use its AoE move, Charged Current to shock nearby units so leap away when it is being cast. Simultaneously, it will use its Voltaic Lance to hit and shock you from a distance. When the lances hit the ground move to another spot since they can still hurt and paralyze the party.

It will its Lightning attacks to damage you but they are less intense. Take this opportunity to damage the boss thoroughly when it is being used.

Second Phase (50% HP)

Ramuh will call three electric orbs called Sparks. This will power up the boss so destroy them to lessen his lightning damage (To be confirmed.). Keep in mind that Ramuh’s next attacks will be more lethal when the orbs are active.

It will still use its previous moves but it will unleash new ones. One is Orbiting Wand where it throws its staff around and hits enemies. Two is Electric Rampart which is a close-range lightning attack. The third is Circuitous Bolt which is composed of spinning lighting bolts. It fully covers the battlefield so make sure your party is healed at all times and you can dodge or guard.

Lastly, when Ramuh is fully powered up. It will use its finishing move against your party. Again make sure your party can withstand the attack by being fully healed.

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