Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Scarlet and Crimson Mare Boss Guide

A guide on how to beat Scarlet and Crimson Mare in Episode INTERmission for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade). Included are the boss' stats, weaknesses, resistances, enemy item drops, attacks, and strategy to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to Defeat Scarlet and Crimson Mare Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Scarlet and the Crimson Mare in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to Defeat Scarlet and Crimson Mare Boss Guide

The Crimson Mare is a boss encountered in Chapter 2: Covert Ops of Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake Intergrade) Episode INTERmission. The boss is a massive battle armor piloted by Scarlet, Shinra’s director of Advanced Weaponry.

Yuffie and Sonon must get past Scarlet and the Crimson Mare to steal the ultimate Materia that Wutai needs in the war against Shinra.

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Scarlet and Crimson Mare Boss Information

Below are Scarlet and Crimson Mare’s stats, including the boss’ level, HP and MP, weaknesses and resistances, and other useful enemy information.

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Scarlet and Crimson Mare Stats

Level ?
HP ?
MP ?
Weakness Lightning
Lesser Resistance ?
Greater Resistance ?
Immunity ?
EXP Rewards ? EXP
AP Rewards ? AP
SP Rewards 16 SP
Gil Rewards ? gil
Item Rewards Time Materia

Scarlet and Crimson Mare Moves

Below are Scarlet and Crimson Mare’s attacks, details on each move, and recommended countermeasures in battle.

Move Details Countermeasure
Bullet Barrage Crimson Mare uses its gun arsenal to hit enemies with bullets Evade sideways in a timely manner. Get close to Crimson Mare to counter-attack
Flame Spire Crimson Mare targets an enemy’s spot and makes it flammable. It will be under flame for a brief period. Evade sideways in a timely manner. Get close to Crimson Mare to counter-attack
Directive: Deploy Scarlet calls out Sentry Launchers from the top. Let Sonon handle Crimson Mare for a while Yuffie eliminates the sentry launchers
Directive Cover Fire Crimson Mare covers its blade with flames. Don’t be in front of Crimson Mare and let the flaming blades ran out.
Makocannon Beam Crimson Mare uses its cannon arms to hit enemies with a beam. Evade and proceed to Scarlet and Crimson Mare to hurt him.
Makocannon Missiles Crimson Mare uses it cannons to unleash rocket missiles towards the enemies. Approach the pillars and destroy them.
Revivify Scarlet resurrects Crimson Mare with 0 HP Focus attention on Scarlet until she leaves the mech suit.

Scarlet and Crimson Mare Strategies

Below is a guide on how to beat the Scarlet and Crimson Mare, including recommenced party, equipment, skills, magic, Materia, and abilities to use against the boss:

First Phase (100% HP)

Start engaging the boss by throwing Yuffie’s 4-Point Shuriken towards the boss. While getting close, use melee attacks and combos. You can make use of Lightning Materia as well.

Crimson Mare mixes long-range and melee attacks. While you avoid its Bullet Barrage and Flame Spire move, don’t position yourself in front of it since it will deal with sword attacks and combos. It is better to attack the boss from the sides if possible.

The arena will be surrounded by Sentry Rays initially. While you go around, try to eliminate them. Once they’re cleared the boss will use its Directive: Deploy move so summon Sentry Launchers. This time, let Sonon handle Crimson Mare while you manage your partner’s HP. Let Yuffie focus on the Sentry Launchers first.

Before reaching 75% HP, it will use its Cover Fire move. The swords of the mech will be under the flame. Let it ran out first before you engage.

Second Phase (75% HP)

Scarlet will fall back and replace the sword armaments of the Crimson Mare. It will be replaced by Makocannons both left and right. Both the Left Makocannon and Right Makocannon are susceptible to damage. Crimson Mare will hit the party using the laser beam. Make sure that you’re not in front or in range of the attack. After using the attack, the Crimson Mare will be crippled for a while so this is an opportunity to damage the cannon armaments.

Once it recovers it will use another attack using its Makocannons. This time, rocket missiles will come out and target your spot. Just evade and let them land first before you counter-attack.

The moment you crippled both Makocannons, Crimson Mare will be weak. So damage it as much as you can and feel free to use Ramuh and Synergy Commands.

Third Phase (50% HP)

Scarlet will retreat and attach a new pair of armaments. This time, it will have a long sword, Claymore, and a Shield. Target Claymore armament only. Keep using lightning abilities and Ramuh’s lightning ability to fully damage the boss.

Fourth Phase (0% HP)

Scarlet will use its Revivify move to make Crimson Mare work with no HP. It will change its armaments again to Makocannons but it will use its Rocket Launcher attacks more. Target Scarlet to finish off the battle.

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