Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to Unlock Hard Mode

A guide on how to unlock Hard Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade/FF7 Remake. Included are the major changes in Hard Mode and tips on how to clear it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Hard Mode Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Hard Mode

FF7 Remake - Hard Mode

Hard Mode is a new game mode which can be accessed after clearing the main story on any difficulty. Character levels, equipment, and materia from your first playthrough will be carried over in Hard Mode.

Post-Game Unlockables

Changes in Hard Mode

Hard Mode features a number of changes that make it more challenging when going through chapters of the main story again.

  • Powerful enemies even very early on in the game.
  • Greatly increased EXP and AP obtained in battle (x3 EXP and x2 AP)
  • Consumable items cannot be used in and out of battle.
  • Only HP is restored when resting, not MP.
  • New challenges in Shinra Combat Simulator that reward rare items.
  • Pride and Joy Secret Boss in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 17 (after clearing all Battle Intel Reports, Corneo Colosseum battle challenges, and all prior Shinra Combat Simulator battle challenges)

Pride and Joy Secret Boss Guide

How to Clear Hard Mode

Recovering HP and MP

FF7 Remake - Hard Mode Guide

Since you will not be able to use items to recover HP and MP, you will need to resort to other methods to go through Hard Mode. To restore HP, your only option is to either rest frequently or use healing magic with the aid of Magnify. MP, meanwhile, can only be recharged by finding Mako shards in Shinra crates.

Elemental Materia

FF7 Remake - Hard Mode Guide

For weapons, it is recommended to link magic materia with the elemental support materia. This allows you to exploit the elemental weakness of enemies without casting spells. Use your MP for healing or revive spells instead.

Defeat tough enemies to obtain Manuscripts

Bosses and side quests are quite similar for the reason that they tend lead to fighting tough enemies. Complete one of these to score Skill Points or SP. When a party member gets SP, his weapon unlocks a new core. The extra core comes with useful abilities that enhance the member’s skills in combat.

Manuscript Locations

Make use of Reprieve

Reprieve is an ability that allows the character to withstand an attack that would otherwise knock him out. Having reprieve can be handy against formidable opponents like juggling multiple enemies on boss fights. The downside is that the ability can only be used once per battle.

Use Pray as a last resort

When you’re struggling to fill the MP but are in dire need to restore allies’ HP, you can opt to use the Pray materia. The materia requires some ATB charge but it gets the job done when playing on a mode with scarce MP.

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