Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Chapter 14: In Search of Hope in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Walkthrough

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope

Note: This walkhrough is in-progress and will be updated further.

Main Story Walkthrough List


Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Cloud StrifeCloud Final Fantasy VII Remake - Barret Wallace IconBarret
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart IconTifa Final Fantasy VII Remake - Aerith Gainsborough IconAerith

Obtainable Items

Item Area
Mythical Amulet x1 Chest, Aerith’s House 2/F
Pedometer Materia x1 Outside of Aerith’s House 2/F
Moogle Medal x1 Sector 6 – Wall market
Antidote x1 Sector 6 – Underground Test Site
Moogle Medal x1 Sector 6 – Underground Test Site
Antidote Sector 6 – Underground Test Site


Enemy Area
Varghidpolis x2 Underground Test Site – B1
Wrath Hound x1 Underground Test Site – B1
Mark II Monodrive x2 Underground Test Site – B1
Sweeper x1 Underground Test Site – B1
Blood Hound x2 Underground Test Site – B2
Ringmaw x3 Underground Test Site – B2


Aerith’s House

1 Watch cutscene.
2 Go outside the house and look for Tifa.
3 Watch another cutscene.
4 Go to the second floor and look for a chest. Acquire Mythical Amulet.
5 Move out of Aerith’s house and pick up a Pedometer Materia.
6 Equip the Materia and accomplish it’s requirements in order to transform it into an AP Up Materia.

Sector 5 Slums Area – Central District

1 Reach the Central District of the Sector 5 Slum Area.
2 Locate Kyrie and watch a cutscene.
3 Buy or Upgrade weapons by visiting the Weapons Store nearby.
4 Exchange or Upgrade Materia by interacting with Chadley’s Secret Research.
5 Enter the narrow pathway beside Ms. Folia.
6 Interact with Sarah nearby. Finish and win the Whack-a-Box mini-game.
7 Return to the area where Ms. Folia is and start launching side quests

Side Quest – Odd Jobs: The Final Job (Missing Children)

1 Approach Ms. Folia.

Side Quest – Sam’s Delivery Service

1 Go to the Chocobo Station and approach the Stablehand.
2 Look for Sam when you arrive at Sector 6 and get information on Chocobo whereabouts.

Side Quest – Corneo’s Secret Stash

1 Look for Damon stationed within the Chocobo Station.

Side Quest – Secret Medicine

1 Look for Sector 5 doctor within the central district.
2 Return to the narrow pathway.
3 Look for Moogie and buy a Moogle’s Mortar.

Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market

1 After triggering the side quests, return to intel gathering by heading to Sector 6 Slums  – Wall Market.
2 Pass by the Old Woman stationed at the pond and acquire a “Turks” music disc.
3 Enter the Wall Market and go south until you find a narrow alleyway
4 Look for a chest nearby.
5 Look for Madam M.
6 Look for Andrea and accept his challenge.

Side Quest – Malicious Goons

1 Look for Madam M and interact with her.

Side Quest – Wavering Heart

1 Accept Andrea’s challenge.
2 Win the first pull-ups mini-game.
3 Then, finish the rest challenges if you want.

Sector 6 Slums – Corneo Colosseum

1 Enter the area and approach the souvenir shop. Purchase the “Fight On!” music disc.
2 Sign-up for challenges.
3 Finish all remaining challenges.

Side Quest – The Power of Music

1 Look for Betty.
2 Collect remaining music discs for the jukebox.
3 Go to the Inn and acquire “Good Night, Until Tomorrow” music disc.

Side Quest – Subterranean Menace

1 Look for Wymer at Evergreen Park.
2 Go underground and head straight through the path.
3 Climb down and land on the Underground Test Site – B1
4 Go outside and head downward passing through the steel platforms.
5 Defeat Varghidpolis x2 and Wrath Hound x1 enemies.
6 Look for another steel ladder and climb upward.
7 Defeat Mark II Monodrive x2 and Sweeper enemies
8 Look for a third steel ladder and go downward.
9 Defeat Blood Hound x2 enemies at the Underground Test Site – B2
10 Go inside the nearby cages and break crates.
11 Go through the broken turbine and head downward
12 Follow through the pathway until you reach the tunnel.
13 Break the crates suspended and go through the second turbine.
14 Head downward again leading to another tunnel.
15 Defeat Ringmaw x3 enemies.

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