Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Fort Condor Unit Stats and Attributes Guide

Overview and guide about Fort Condor mini-game unit stats and attributes, including their descriptions and additional effects in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Fort Condor Mini-Game Stats and Attributes Overview Guide

Overview on Fort Condor Unit Stats and Attributes in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Fort Condor Mini-Game Stats and Attributes Overview Guide

Here is a breakdown of the stats of Fort Condor Units in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade).

Fort Condor Guide

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 Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyGame, Set, Master Become the Fort Condor grandmaster.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyCondor Queen Become the Fort Condor grandmaster on Hard difficulty.

Trophy List

Fort Condor Unit Attributes

Attribute Attribute Description
Speed Refers to the speed of units approaching the opposing side. It ranges from three levels. As you gain more board, the speed of the units increases.
Type Refers to the unit roles in the mini-game. There are three roles namely Vanguard, Ranged, and Defense. They work as a “rock-paper-scissors” weapon triangle where each type positively or negatively influences the damage output. You can see your opponent’s unit before the battle starts which consists of one or two types. Edit your deck and add types of units that are type advantage to gain victory.
Movement Refers to how each unit travels to towards the opposing field. There are two types which are Ground and Airborne. Grounded units walk or crawl towards the enemy units or outpost/headquarters. Airborne moves to the enemy side of the field by flying.
Target Refers to the object of the attack of each unit. Each unit shows an icon and it is between three types: Towers (Outposts and Headquarters), Grounded units, and Airborne units. Grounded units can target both enemy units and towers. However, Guard Dogs can only hit towers. Also, some grounded units can hit airborne while others cannot Airborne units can damage opposing towers, airborne units, and grounded units.
Rarity Refers to the quality or tier of the unit. They range from one star to four stars. Usually, a 4-star rarity unity has a higher HP pool and damage points. Unfortunately, they cost more ATB to be deployed. You will start with low-cost ATB units with low rarity but will gain higher ones when you climb the rank.

Fort Condor Unit Stats

Stat Stats Description
ATB Cost Refers how much ATB is needed for a unit to be deployed. Stronger and high rarity units have high ATB cost requirements. While low-cost have lower ATB cost but less strong in the battle. Having a mix of both low-cost and high-cost units is needed for balance and efficiency.
HP Refers to the overall health points of each unit. This determines their survival together with their type advantage/disadvantage. Defense and Ranged units mostly have a larger HP pool than Vanguard units.
Attack Refers to how much damage each unit can deal attacking an enemy unit and towers. Vanguard and Defense mostly deal better attack damage compared to Ranged units.

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