Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Roche Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Roche in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating him in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Roche Boss


Roche is a boss encountered at the Shinra S7-6 Annex area during Chapter 4: Mad Dash. Brandishing a SOLDIER sword, Roche will challenge the player to a one-on-one battle during one of AVALANCHE’s missions.

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HP 8160
Weakness Fire
Strong Against
Absorbs None
EXP 300
AP 10
Gil 255
Items Elixir (drop, steal)


Name Details
Sword Attack Roche will perform multiple strikes with his sword. Can be blocked and parried.
Plunge Roche will jump into the air to perform a downward sword trike.
Thunder Lightning magic.
Dashing Slash Roche will perform a quick dashing strike. Can be dodged or parried but cannot be interrupted.
Ignition Flame Roche will perform a fire-infused slash after taking enough damage.
Combustion Sword Roche will perform three consecutive jumping attacks. Causes small radius of AoE damage upon landing.


The first phase of the fight against Roche mainly revolves around blocking and countering him after he attacks with his sword, which is not too hard to anticipate. When you get enough ATB, use Focused Thrust to build up his Stagger meter. As with most human enemies, he is weak to fire magic. Note that Roche uses Thunder magic.

Upon taking enough damage, Roche will go into his second phase. He will gain new attacks at this stage, which are a quick dashing slash, Ignition Flame, and Combustion Sword. The quick dashing slash is telegraphed when he tucks his sword to his side. Simply dodge away to avoid. The move cannot be interrupted, but can be parried. A good strategy against him is to parry his dashing slash and immediately counter with strong attack. Roche will usually do Ignition Flame as a retaliation move after you have landed multiple hits on him.

When Roche winds up Combustion Sword, be ready to dodge sideways to avoid  three consecutive lunging attacks.


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