Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Jenova Dreamweaver Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for the Jenova Dreamweaver in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating them in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hoodlums Boss Guide

Jenova Dreamweaver

FF7 Remake - Jenova Dreamweaver

Jenova is a Shinra’s top secret experiment. She resists Sleep and Magic.

Boss Guide List


Strong Against Sleep, Magic
Immunity Slow, Stop, Proportional damage
Items Astral Cuff


Cast Aside

Summons rings and hurls them at the enemy.


Regenerates its tentacles.


Puts up Reflect to lower the damage it receives.

Mourning Wail

Area of effect that deals damage over time to surrounding enemies.


Shoots a single-target pitch black beam.

Dreams of Quietude

Casts Silence to nearby enemies.

Dreams of Sanctuary

Puts up Barrier to lower the damage it receives from Physical attacks.


Equip Protective Boots before the fight starts. These protect the wearer from being affected by Stop.


Capitalize on Physical Attacks.

Jenova Dreamweaver has some resistance to magic which makes physical attacks better overall in this fight. Take out the tentacles one at time using regular attacks. Without these appendages, the boss can no longer counter your attacks and exposes it to Stagger.

Watch out for Vengeance.

If you see the pitch black attack come up, hightail to the nearest column. After gaining enough ATB, have Cloud and Tifa use their hardest hitting attack to chip its health.

Check if it uses Rejection.

If you find it using Rejection, avoid using physical attacks until it expires. When attacked in this state, Jenova Dreamweaver can punish you with a counter which inflicts heavy damage. Alternatively, you can opt to use Breach to take its shield off.

Clear the tentacles.

Once you move to the second phase, the boss gains immunity to all attacks while tentacles come left and right. The key here is to remove the tentacles. Have Cloud whittle it down with regular attacks and then combine that with Triple Slash to take them out. After the tentacles go down, continue to put pressure on Jenova Dreamweaver by employing the same regular attacks. Once it becomes Staggered, knock it out with heavy attacks to move to the last phase.

Don’t forget to dodge and use heals.

Apart from regenerating its tentacles, Jenova Dreamweaver mixes up its former phases. Take out the tentacles like you did in the first phase, and then aim for the boss’ body. If you end up with a sticky situation, use heals. It will start painting the floor which causes damage over time so make sure to dodge them.

The boss makes use of high tier magic this time around and can cast a new shield. As mentioned before, use Breach to lift its effect. When it starts using teleport, track it down and punish it with regular attacks before finally unleashing heavy hits to finish it off.

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