Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - All Music Disc Locations

A list of obtainable music discs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including the story chapters where they are available and locations.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - How to Get All Music Discs

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disc Locations

FF7 Remake - All Music Disc Locations

Music discs are collectible items that allow you to play different music tracks at a jukebox. They can be bought in shops or obtained by talking to certain NPCs in the game world.

Name Area Location
Music Disc 3: Tifa’s Theme Sector 7 Slums (Chapter 3) Jukebox in 7th Heaven.
Music Disc 27: Hip Hop de Chocobo Sector 7 Slums (Chapter 3) From the man wearing a cap in front of the pizza store.
Music Disc 1: The Prelude Sector 7 Slums (Chapter 3) Item shop in the slums.
Music Disc 4: Barret’s Theme Sector 7 Slums (Chapter 3) Item shop at the undercity station.
Music Disc 28: Stamp Corkscrew Tunnel (Chapter 5) Vending machine at the Former Rail Yard.
Music Disc 18: Electric de Chocobo Sector 4 Plate Upper Level (Chapter 6) Vending machine at the Plate Ventilation Facilities Control Room. Use the small elevator from the cargo elevator to reach the area.
Music Disc 2: Bombing Mission Makor Reactor 5 – Front Gate Office (Chapter 7) Vending machine behind the door after pushing the three switches in the office.
Music Disc 21: Cait Sith’s Theme Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 8) Vending machine at the undercity station.
Music Disc 25: Tango of Tears Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 8) Jukebox at the building to the left of the Leaf House.
Music Disc 19: Costa del Sol Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 8) Materia shop.
Music Disc 20: Gold Saucer Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 8) Moogle shop (Children’s Hideout).
Music Disc 22: Cosmo Canyon Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) Vending Machine at the Collapsed Expressway (area where you operate the mechanical arm to help Aerith).
Music Disc 10: Honey Bee Inn Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) Item shop.
Music Disc 14: Farm Boy Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) From the girl wearing a cowboy hat.
Music Disc 8: Under the Rotting Pizza Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) Jukebox on the street south of the hotel.
Music Disc 29: Midgar Blues Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) From the singer in the bar adjacent to the gym.
Music Disc 26: Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE- Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) Honey Bee Inn. You must get a “Great” rating on all 10 steps in the dance tutorial.
Music Disc 11: Don of the Slums Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 9) Vending machine after reuniting with Aerith and Tifa at the Forbidden Room.
Music Disc 9: Oppressed Sewer Systems (Chapter 10) Vending machine in the room after draining the sewage water at Aqueduct 1.
Music Disc 20: Let the Battles Begin! Train Graveyard (Chapter 11) Vending machine outside the control room at Maintenance Room Hall.
Music Disc 15: On Our Way Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 13) Item shop at Evergreen Park.
Music Disc 14: Main Theme of FFVII Sector 7 Collapsed Plate Area (Chapter 13) Vending machine.
Music Disc 23: Descendant of Shinobi Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 14) Next to Johnny at the undercity station.
Music Disc 7: Turk’s Theme Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 14) White-haired woman just by the edge of the path going to Sector 6 near the water.
Music Disc 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 14) Old man at the hotel near the receptionist.
Music Disc 12: Fight On! Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 14) Shop at the Corneo Colosseum entrance.
Music Disc 30: Stand Up Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 14) From the girl in the alley to the left of Honey Bee Inn.
Music Disc 24: Wutai Sector 6 Slums (Chapter 14) From a man at the Urban Advancement District.
Music Disc 13: The Case Sewer Systems (Chapter 14) Vending machine at Aqueduct 4.
Music Disc 05: Lurking in the Darkness Collapsed Sector 7 Plate (Chapter 15) Vending machine at Central Tower 1F.
Music 31: Scarlet’s Theme Sector 0 – Shinra Electric Power Company (Chapter 16) Jukebox to the right of the Shinra Combat Simulator.

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