Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Specimen H0512 Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Specimen H0512 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it in the game.

Specimen H0512

Specimen H0512 is a hulking monstrosity produced by Shinra’s R&D can be found in Chapter 16. After falling for the first time, the boss summons little insect creatures that cause annoyance. Specimen H0512 is weak to Lightning.


Weakness Lightning
Strong Against
Immunity Poison, Slow, Proportional damage
Rewards Talisman, Timeworn Talisman (Steal)



Swipes you with one of its claws.


Regenerates a broken claw.


Grapples an enemy and traps them.

Mako Expulsion

Fires a beam consisting of the reactor’s fluid. The attack shoots in multiple directions and causes Poison and Slow to caught within the area of effect.

Noxious Expulsion

Shoots a linear beam of poison which causes Poison to anyone in the line of fire.


Make use of ranged attacks.

The fight is relatively easy since the boss moves sluggishly. Your best bet is to use Barret and snipe it from the back. Weaken its left claw to make it Stagger.

Focus on the mobs.

After Specimen H0512 goes down, it summons little critters called H0512-OPT to come and pester you. Switch to Cloud and have him dispatch the critters with Triple Slash. When there’s no more trace of the bugs, continue to whittle down the boss again.

Use hard-hitting attacks.

Choose attacks that dole out great damage like Maximum Fury. Cloud’s Punisher offers auto-counter which is a must when closing in for attacks. The order of priority should be mobs first, then claws, and finally the boss’ body. Taking care of the pincers is a priority since Specimen H0512 loses access to its powerful attacks.

Regardless of which part you’re trying to land chip damage on, when the boss summons more mobs, target those instead before going after the boss again. You can opt to silence them to continue whittling down the boss.

Punish it by hitting its back.

Take advantage of Specimen H0512’s slow speed to time a dodge and then quickly hightail to its back and connect those attacks. Repeat the process, taking out the little insects when they spawn and then come back to the boss until it goes down.

Check the mobs.

Near the end of the fight, the little H0512-OPT may start charging with Apoptosis. Look closely and stand back when you find them no longer moving. The critters charge and unleash a a massive explosion which can potentially knock you out. After hiding from the blast, close in and continue to weaken the boss.

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