Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith Gainsborough Character Information

Character information for Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy 7 Remake/ FF7R. Included are her background, stats, abilities, unique commands, and limit breaks.

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Aerith Gainsborough

FF7 Remake Aerith Gainsborough A flower girl from the slums. Aerith meets Cloud in the streets of Midgar during the latter’s attack on one of Shinra Electric Power Company’s Mako reactors. For reasons unknown, Aerith is constantly hunted by Shinra troops. She has an optimistic and occasionally playful personality. Aerith’s weapon of choice is a staff.

Aerith is voiced by Briana White.


High Attributes
Low Attributes
Weapon Staves
Final Weapon
Final Limit Break

Unique Command

Name Effect


Name Effect

Limit Breaks

Name Effect Unlocking Conditions
Healing Wind Unlocked by default

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