Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Chapter 8: Light the Way Walkthrough in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade) on the PS5 and PS4. Included are all story objectives, playable characters, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Here is our Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake: Intergrade) main story walkthrough and guide for Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard. Included is a list of story objectives, playable characters, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Walkthroughs


 Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyReunited Complete Chapter 8.

Trophy List


Here is a list of characters playable in this walkthrough:

Character Location
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Cloud Strife IconCloud Strife All Locations
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Aerith Gainsborough IconAerith Gainsborough All Locations

All Characters

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Holder Location
Talisman Chest Slums
Smelling Salts Chest Slums
Moogle Medal Chest Slums
Ether Chest Slums
Caliginous Bracelet Chest Backstreets
Ether Chest Central District
Moogle Medal Chest Central District
Mega-Potion Chest Central District
Mythril Armlet Chest Central District


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Location
Hedgehog Pie Slums, Backstreets
Gorger Backstreets
Smogger Backstreets
Hedgehog Pie Central District
Wererat Central District

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard

Slums and Church Walkthrough

1 Watch cutscene.
2 Defeat the boss, Reno to trigger a cutscene.
3 Head to the second floor.
4 Go around the right and cross the narrow walkway for another cutscene.
5 Take a detour to the left path and go down the stairs to reach the floor below. Open the chest nearby to get Talisman.
6 After the cutscene, head up the stairs to come to the floor above. Make a left and pass through the thin wooden beam to trigger a cutscene.
7 Go around the edge leading to the right until you reach the rafters. Here, go left, and shimmy across the bars on the ceiling to reach the middle. Use the chandelier to stall the guards.
8 Follow the bars on the ceiling to cross to the opposite end. Go around left and help Aerith with the bookcase. Continue around the left and climb the ladder which leads to the attic.
9 Make a turn on the nearest left as you cross the attic to reach a chest and open it for Smelling Salts. Stick behind Aerith to cross the rest of the attic and you’ll eventually reach the right, a spot with a hole in the roof.
10 Drop down the ladder and follow the path leading right. Scale the water tank to reach the other roof and then continue left.
11 After reaching the abandoned house near the fence, take the left path to reach a chest, inside is a Moogle Medal.
12 Go around the rooftops, you’ll have to take ladders as you go along until you come across a ladder.
13 Make a right and unlock the chest for an Ether.
14 Do a 180, and then follow the path to reach the ladder. Scale it and stay put until Aerith catches up. Assist her up the ladder.
15 Listen to the dialogue.
16 Keep going down the path and she’ll eventually switch sides with you. Tag along and take the slide to the next zone.
17 Make a left and then proceed down to trigger a cutscene.
18 After Aerith joins the party, assign a materia and equip her with an accessory.
19 Go right and cross the path.
20 Defeat the Hedgehog Pie. Note: Use Ice to dispose of it quickly.
21 Keep going and you will eventually find a small shack. Take out the enemies and break the Shinra crates blocking the left.
22 Follow the path and cross sideways, passing through the fence to reach a new site which triggers a cutscene.
23 Turn around and open the nearby chest to get 500 Gil. You can rest at the bench to the left. There’s also a vending machine which offers items and a new accessory.
24 Go around the path and a cutscene will occur.
25 Make a left and cross the narrow passage.

Backstreets Walkthrough

1 Continue moving sideways past the containers and you’ll pass a swarm of Wererats.
2 When you reach the crossroads, head left to reach Shinra crates. Go to the next area to trigger a dialogue.
3 Follow Aerith and check the left for a lever to use.
4 Continue left and move the large crate blocking the path.
5 Again, continue along the path and go around the left and cross the walkway.
6 Defeat the group of Hedgehog Pie.
7 Take the ladder on the right.
8 When you reach the upper platform, go right and then continue down the stairs. Take another ladder going up, and then follow the path right. Go up, follow the rails, and proceed right to find a chest. Open it to score a Caliginous Bracelet.
9 From the top of the ladder, continue left and then keep moving left to trigger a dialogue.
10 Keep left and you’ll encounter Gorgers, take them out.
11 Leap over the gap on the left and open the chest. Pick up the Ether.
12 Go back and follow the path straight. Continue straight to open the gate.
13 Defeat the Smogger. Note: These enemies are prone to Lightning. After the fight stops, take off to avoid the explosion.
14 Approach the far right of the section and then go up the ladder to reveal a shortcut.
15 Go to the opposite side to find a gate. Ignore it, and then take the ladder on the left to go up to the top. You need to push the green crate two times.
16 Return down and then climb the ladder on the left. Follow the path going up and jump over the platform to get to the path across.
17 From the other side, head down and move around to the right to open the gate.
18 After regrouping with Aerith, keep going and make a right to pass through the tunnel.
19 As you approach an intersection, head left.

Central District Walkthrough

1 Stick behind Aerith and listen to the announcement.
2 Catch up to Aerith on the path going right to trigger a dialogue.
3 Turn right to reach the orphanage.
4 Head left and follow the walkway leading to the right to arrive at Aerith’s home to trigger a cutscene.
5 Inside the house, head to the upper floor to hear more dialogue.
6 Return to the first floor.
7 Go out and trail behind Aerith past the bridge.
8 Choose three flowers and then bring them to the Leaf House. From here, you can opt to visit the materia shop. The shop sells weapons, armors, and houses some chests, music tracks, bracelets. You can also visit Chadley.
9 When you reach the Leaf House entrance, turn around and take the alley on the left to find Oates. Approach him and he’ll go to Aerith.
10 Enter the Leaf House and open the chest to grab an Ether.
11 Interact with Aerith for a dialogue.
12 Trail behind Oates who passes through the alley.
13 Cross the path moving sideways to reach the hideout.
14 Examine the chest on the right. Open it for a Moogle Medal. Go left and through the hole in the fence to reach the next zone. Enter the building nearby and be prepared for an ambush.
15 Defeat the enemies. Tip: Attach an Ice materia to make quick work of the enemies.
16 Climb down the ladder and clear the next wave of enemies.
17 Go up the ramp on the right to come across some Shinra crates. Open the chest here for a Mega-Potion. Go back and cross the slope again.
18 Head straight to trigger a dialogue.
19 Go past the bridge and cross sideways to the next zone.
20 Defeat the Wererats. Note: More enemies advance later on so be sure to have Lightning materia already set beforehand. Mix and match Lightning and Ice to fare better against the incoming groups. Among them, the Smoggers are pesky for having a penchant to use ailments, which can be dealt with using other materia.
21 Keep going and clear the area of enemies as you move along.
22 After defeating the enemies, take the left path and head down to reach an open area. Head left to find more enemies approaching. Note: You can opt to assign Aerith to use the Arcane Ward spell on spots free of surrounding enemies. When activated, the spell helps conserve MP while increasing the effectiveness of other spells used. Grab this chance to nuke the Smoggers with Lightning spells.
23 When the coast is clear, walk up to the ledge near the river to have Cloud rescue the village kids.
24 Bring the children back to land and then go back to the ladder. Defeat the Smogger and take cover before it blows up.
25 Head up the slope and cross the gap. Take the bridge.
26 Defeat the Hedgehog Pie, and then go up the ladder.
27 Cross the building and go around the left to trigger a cutscene.
28 Go underneath the gap to arrive at the hideout. Look for Oates to receive a gift.
29 Approach the exit to trigger a cutscene.
30 Leave the area to trigger another cutscene. Note: From here, you can cash in your Moogle Medals. Simply talk to the merchant on your left. Use one to avail of the membership. You can purchase precious items from the shop.
31 Aside from the shop, you have the option of keeping up with other activities like quests which rewards weapon, ability, armor, and money.
32 If you decide to continue with the story, make sure to equip the following: armor that gives a physical defense boost and has the wind materia equipped.
33 When you’re ready, return to Aerith’s home to trigger a cutscene.
34 Defeat the boss, Rude.
35 Return to the red gate and go right. Keep going until you reach Aerith’s home.
36 After Aerith issues a request, tail behind her to find an MP Up materia.
37 Warning: If you go further, you’ll no longer have access to Sector 5. Grab the chance to visit certain areas. Visit spots like the one near the train station or the church to pick up some items.
38 Enter the house for a cutscene.
39 Go through the door to reach the corridor.
40 Sneak your way across the hall. Note: The key to navigating the hallway is to focus on one direction and have Cloud move there. If Cloud collides with any of the objects, he’ll make a noise. Too much noise causes Aerith to lead Cloud back to his room and forces him to start all over. However, doing so will remove some of the obstacles.
41 Approach Aerith’s room and then creep past the obstacles and make a left to reach the stairs.
42 Go downstairs for a dialogue.
43 Exit the house and then head to the town.
44 Cross the alley, past the Leaf House, and then proceed right.
45 After moving past the Weapon shop, a cutscene will occur.

Reno Boss Strategy

Reno Boss Guide

Switch to Punisher Mode and focus on countering Reno’s attacks instead of rushing in. Gradually build up his stagger gauge and unload on him when he is vulnerable.

Afterwards, focus on destroying the EMP orbs while keeping Reno in view during the fight.

It is not recommended to use magic, especially lightning, against Reno since you will not build up his stagger gauge fast enough this way.

Rude Boss Strategy

Rude Boss Guide

Rude is best dealt with the same as Reno. Cloud should switch to Punisher mode and counter his attacks until he is staggered. Have Aerith focused on managing the party’s HP and bombarding Rude with Aero which will rapidly fill his stagger gauge.

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