Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 13: A Broken World Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Chapter 13: A Broken World in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

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Chapter 13: A Broken World

Main Story Walkthrough List


Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Cloud StrifeCloud Final Fantasy VII Remake - Aerith Gainsborough IconAerith
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart IconTifa  

Obtainable Items

Item Holder Location
Mythical Amulet Chest Checking on Friends
Mega-Potion Chest Onward to Sector 7
Heavy-Duty Bracer Chest Onward to Sector 7
Orb of Gravity Chest Onward to Sector 7
Mega-Potion x2 Chest In Solitude
Healing Carcanet Chest In Solitude
Ether Chest Finding Wedge
Turbo Ether Chest Finding Wedge


Area Enemies
Onward to Sector 7 Gorgers
Onward to Sector 7 Ringmaw
Onward to Sector 7 Varghidpolis
Onward to Sector 7 Bandit
Onward to Sector 7 Grungy Bandit
In Solitude Bugaboo
In Solitude Wererat
In Solitude Bloodhound
Reunite with Tifa Bugaboo
Finding Wedge Bloodhound
Finding Wedge Monodrive
Finding Wedge Cutter
Finding Wedge Varghidpolis
Finding Wedge Bugaboo
Finding Wedge Unknown Entity


Through the Rubble

1 Head straight past the cracks and then shove the wall ahead.

Words of Hope

2 Cross the path leading to Wall Market.
3 Go straight to Sector 5 and then head to Aerith’s house
4 After finding Aerith, go upstairs and look for Marlene

Checking on Friends

5 Talk to Aerith’s mother and then search for Marlene.
6 Examine the chest for a Mythical Amulet
7 Return to Sector 7 afterward

Onward to Sector 7

8 Follow the path and pass through the tunnel that you took with Aerith.
9 Take out the enemies as you go along
10 Continue along the tunnel and then check the chest for a Mega-Potion
11 Cross to the next zone and defeat the Ringmaw
12 Continue along the left path to encounter the Varghidpolis
13 After taking it out, go through the path up the left slope and take out the next wave
14 Cross to the open area to encounter Smogger and Sweeper Prototype and then descend the ladder
15 Pass under the debris
16 Head to the left side of the tracks to find a chest. Open it to score a Heavy-Duty Bracer
17 Go back to the spot with the tracks and then continue along the rest of the tunnel and take out the Bandits
18 After coming across another section, turn right, then double back to find a chest lying on the corner. Inside you’ll find an Ether
19 Keep going along the path to encounter the Bandits for the second time, only this time they are accompanied by a new type, the Grungy, Bandit. Use Fire element to dispatch them quickly
20 Before taking the ladder, head left to find a chest that has Orb of Gravity
21 Head up the ladder and defeat the Ringmaw
22 From here, continue to follow the path and then use the next ladder at the far corner
23 Repeat a couple more times until you trigger a cutscene
24 You can opt to talk to the nearby merchants to buy a disc and a new weapon for Barret. There’s also a blue bench nearby.
25 After the short break, continue along to the underground passage

Crawling to the Surface

26 Trail behind Barret and then take the ladder to come to Sector 7 Slums.

Home is Where the Heart Is

27 Stick close to Barret.
28 After shoving the barrier, go after the cat

In Solitude

29 From here, you’ll take control of Barret.
30 Blast the rocks and keep going. You’ll eventually run into the Bugaboo
31 With the insect out of the way, look up and break the shinra crates as you cross the area, some of these contain Moogle Medals
32 Head straight and take out the waves of enemies
33 Continue to the far end of the corridor and break the wall to find a chest. Inside you’ll find 2,000 gil
34 Turn around and go down the corridor to find another wall to break. Blast it and you’ll encounter some Bloodhounds
35 After defeating them, climb the ladder and make a left to find more enemies. Pick them off
36 Snipe the crane to form a bridge that leads to a spot with a chest. Open it to score Mega-Potions.
37 Go upstairs to trigger a dialogue.
38 Continue along the stairs to encounter more enemies.
39 After disposing of them, head up the ladder, moving to the right to reach a corridor.
40 Head north and break the wall to find a chest. Inside it is a Healing Carcanet.
41 Break the wreckage on the right and defeat the waves of enemies as you go along.
42 Go to the far end of the corridor and blast the large fan.
43 Take the ladder to reach the floor above and then dispatch the patrolling enemies.
44 Make a right and head up the stairs to trigger a cutscene.

Reunite with Tifa

45 Go upstairs and snipe the crane to take care of the bugs.
46 Move around the path to regroup with Tifa.

Finding Wedge

47 Go upstairs and snipe the fans. The right leads to crates, whereas the left houses a chest with an Ether.
48 When you’re ready, snipe the middle fan and you’ll run into some Bloodhounds.
49 After defeating them, approach the stairs but don’t ascend yet. Snipe the gates here. The right one leads to an Ice materia, whereas the left has another chest with a Turbo Ether.
50 Go upstairs to find another cage, blast it to reach a spot with a Warding materia.
51 Climb the ladder and take out the Monodrives and the Cutter.
52 Keep going to encounter more waves of enemies.
53 After thinning them out, you’ll reach a spot with a bench and a vending machine.
54 When you’re ready, pass through the door.
55 New enemies appear called Unknown Entities. Take them out.
56 After disposing of the second wave, a dialogue will ensue.
57 You’ll regain control with Tifa. Head up the stairs to get to the walkway.
58 Defeat the boss, Failed Experiment.

Beyond the Fracture

59 Aim at the wall directly facing you and then head to hole to trigger a cutscene.


60 Escort Wedge all the way to his house.
61 Head past the corner to trigger another cutscene.

Enemy Strategy

The chapter consists of many new enemy encounters namely the Ringmaw and Varghidpolis which occur fairly early, the Bugaboo comes at the middle, and the Unknown Entity near the end. The latter two share a common weakness to Ice, so having this materia helps tremendously.

The Bugaboo is an insect that struggles against Wind but thankfully has low health. With Barret, you can take them out using weapons in no time.

Meanwhile, the Ringmaw doesn’t appreciate Lightning, so make sure to have this materia equipped. Meanwhile the Varghidpolis is weak against Ice materia.

Near the end of the chapter, you’ll encounter Unknown Entities. These enemies suffer from Ice element, so make use of attacks like Magnify Blizzard to make quick work of them.

Bandit Boss Strategy

Beck’s Badasses Second Encounter

Failed Experiment Boss Strategy

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  1. after the plate comes down, on the way through walmarket to aerith’s house, you can access the one long alleyway on the east side of town previously blocked by people for a moogle medal.