Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Scorpion Sentinel in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7 Remake - Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

Boss Battle Guide for Scorpion Sentinel

The Scorpion Sentinel is the renamed first boss enemy encountered in the demo and in Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7 Remake - Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

The enemy is known as Guard Scorpion from the Final Fantasy 7 classic game.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Stats

MP None
Weakness Lightning
Strong Against
Absorbs None
EXP 100
Gil 100 gil

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Attacks and Moves

1) Electrostomp

Scorpion Sentinel raises it’s two sharp forelegs to stomp nearby enemies and electrocute them.

2) Death Grip

Scorpion Sentinel uses one of its cannon arms as a claw to bind an enemy it captured nearby.

3) Target Scanner

A non-damaging move but it helps the Scorpion to lock on its targes when it is about to use it’s Mark 99 Launcher or Mark 98 Cannon

4) Mark 99 Launcher

A long-range attack where the Scorpion Sentinel unleashes a barrage of missiles to enemies from a distance.

5) Mark 98 Cannon

A mid-range attack where Scorpion Sentinel uses its two cannon arms to fire at an enemy.

6) EM Field

Scorpion Sentinel releases a temporary electric field to its surroundings in order to electrocute a close enemy.

7) Tail Laser

Scorpion Sentinel’s lethal laser attack from its tail that takes time to charge.

8) Stinger Salvo

Multiple laser beam attacks from the Scorpion Sentinel.

9) Overkill

A ranged attack that is a mixture of Mark 99 Launcher and Mark 98 Cannon.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Strategy

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7 Remake - Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

1st Phase (100% health)

Start with Cloud, in Operator Mode, and deal multiple physical attacks to the Scorpion Sentinel until it staggers. Switch to Barret and use Thunder spell while keeping his MP level at 50%. If the character you’re using is bound by the enemy’s Death Grip, switch to another party member and deal heavy damage to it such as Cloud’s Braver and Focused Thrust or Barret’s Focused Shot.

2nd Phase (75% health)

Return to Cloud again, still in Operator Mode, and dash towards the Scorpion Sentinel on the opposite side. The boss will use its Mark 99 Launcher attacks from a distance so make use of dodge. If it’s too late, enable guard instead to minimize damage. Once Cloud is set up near to it, switch to Barret. When using Barret, use his Steelskin ability to mitigate damage while getting close and providing cover fire for Cloud. When Barret’s Overcharge gauge is full, use it against the Scorpion Sentinel. Also, use Focused Shot and Thunder if Overchange is charging. We suggest not putting Barret in a static position for so long because he will be targeted by the boss’s Mark 98 Cannons. When the boss’s Field Generator turns red, it will jump again and hang itself on a wall. Once it’s Field Generator recovers, it will go down in the same spot repeating the sequence. If you’re switching to Cloud, position him from the rear of the Scorpion Sentinel but be careful of its EM Field.

3rd Phase (50% health)

At 50% health, the boss will use its Tail Laser against Cloud and Barrett. If you see it casting, go behind the debris to shield from it. In this stage, it’s advisable to use Barret and aim your Overcharge, Focused Shot or Thunder spell on it once the debris disappears in front of him. The boss will jump back in a far-left corner and hit you with long-range attacks. If you notice that you’re receiving a lot of ranged damage, switch to Cloud and deal heavy physical attacks. However, be wary of EM Field attacks again. Once it’s HP becomes 25%, it will jump to the far right corner and repeat the same wave of attacks.

4th Phase (15% health)

In the last phase, the Scorpion Sentinel will be in a state of Auto-Repair. When it comes to its attacks, it adds Overkill where it releases long-range attacks consisting of cannons and launchers. When prompts of “Right Leg” and “Left Leg” show up prioritize breaking them first before going back to the main body of the Scorpion Sentinel. Switch to Cloud, in Punisher mode, to defeat it faster.

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