Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - How to get Moogle Medals

A guide on how to get Moogle Medals in Final Fantasy 7 Remake/FF7 Remake, including their possible locations and how to farm them.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Where to get all Moogle Medals

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Moogle Medals

What are Moogle Medals?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Where to Find All Moogle Medals

Moogle Medals are collectible items scattered all around the game world. They are the currency used to purchase rare and unique items at the Moogle Shop in Sector 5 slums.

Moogle Shop Guide

Moogle Medals are not found in a fixed location and can randomly be obtained by destroying Shinra crates. Be sure to explore the area for any hidden crates that might contain them as you go through the main story.

Easy Moogle Medal Farming

FF7 Remake - How to Get Moogle Medals

An easy way to get Moogle Medals can be done upon reaching Chapter 8 in the main story. Upon clearing the side quest Kids on Patrol, you will unlock another side quest called A Verified Hero. This quest requires you to complete a Whack-a-Box mini game that rewards you depending on your score, including a Moogle Medal. To receive a Moogle Medal at the end of the mini game, simply let the timer run out without destroying any of the boxes.

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough

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  1. its time consuming but in a certain sidequest in ch8 you unlock a minigame and can keep replaying for more medals just from running the time down