Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Leveling Guide

A guide on how to level up fast in FF7 Remake Intergrade/Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the best enemies to farm, best equipment and materia for farming experience, best farming locations, and other useful strategies and tips.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Leveling Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Leveling Guide

Below is a guide on the best ways to level up fast in FF7 Remake Intergrade, including recommended equipment to use when grinding for experience, recommended areas to farm enemies in the game, and other useful strategies and tips.

Complete Sidequests and Battle Intel Reports

FF7 Remake - Leveling Guide

A good way to earn experience while going through the main story is to complete all currently available sidequests and Battle Intel reports. These reward experience, money, and equipment which will be useful as you encounter tougher enemies in the game.

Mercenary Quests Battle Reports

Clear Battle Challenges

FF7 Remake - Leveling Guide

Battle Challenges, meanwhile, pit you against groups of enemies with increasing difficulty as you clear various challenge ranks. Battle Challenges can be accessed at Sector 6 Wall Market (Corneo Colosseum) and at Sector 0 Shinra Electric Power Company (Shinra VR Combat Simulator).

Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges Shinra VR Combat Simulator

Taking on any of the three-person challenges in either the Corneo Colosseum or Shinra Combat Simulator will allow you to level-up fast.

Use EXP Up Materia

FF7 Remake - Leveling Guide

Upon equipping the EXP Up materia, you will gain 100% increase in experience gain after winning battles. The EXP Up materia can be obtained by clearing the Three-Person Team vs Team Ragbag challenge in the Shinra VR Combat Simulator during Chapter 16.

Unlock Hard Mode and Chapter Select

After clearing the game on any difficulty, Hard Mode and Chapter Select will be unlocked. Winning battles while playing on Hard Mode gives you 3x the normal experience and 2x the normal AP. This makes it very useful for hitting the level 50 cap during the post-game stages.

Hard Mode Guide

A good area to grind experience for Cloud is at the S7-6 Annex at Sector 7 (Chapter 4). The wave of enemies that you face just before the duel against Roche lets you earn good amounts of experience while playing on Hard Mode. Roche himself is a relatively easy boss to take on multiple times.

Chapter 4: Mad Dash Walkthrough

The best area to farm experience, however, is at Chapter 16 on the parking lot route (past the bridge) going to Shinra headquarters. Enemies in the area consist of powerful Shinra enemies such as Elite Riot Troopers, 3-C SOLDIER Operators, and Guard Dogs. After reaching the glass door of the Shinra building, simply use Chapter Select to start Chapter 16 again.

Chapter 16: The Bell of the Beast Walkthrough

This method is also recommended for farming AP after you have completed the main story.

AP Farming Guide


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