Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Included are the chapter's playable characters, obtainable equipment and items, and boss strategy guide.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum

Main Story Walkthrough List


Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Cloud StrifeCloud Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart IconTifa

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Phoenix Down Chest at the top of the slums apartment building.
Grenade x3 Chest at the empty lot north of the apartment.
Hip Hop de Chocobo (track) From the man wearing a cap in front of the pizza shop.
The Prelude (track) Purchase from the item shop.
Potion Inside Shinra crates at the Scrap Boulevard
Antidote x2 Chest at the Scrap Boulevard.
Ice Materia Inside the cave at Scrap Boulevard.
Iron Blade From the weapons shop dealer after clearing out the monsters at Scrap Boulevard.
Assess Materia From Chadley in Sector 7 slums.
Combat Analyzer From Chadley in Sector 7 slums.
Crescent Moon Charm From Marle after clearing Alone at Last discovery.
Ifrit Matera From Jessie after defeating the Hoodlums at the empty lot.


Enemy Area
Gorger Scrap Boulevard
Wererat Scrap Boulevard
Hoodlums Sector 7 Slums (Empty Lot)


Return to Base

1 Leave the station and proceed along the path going to the slums. Watch the cutscene afterwards.
2 Follow the AVALANCHE members to the slums. Approach Tifa and Marlene at the porch of 7th Heaven for a cutscene.
3 Once you get inside, approach Marlene for another cutscene. Afterwards, follow Tifa to the apartment.
4 Watch the cutscene. When you wake up, go outside and head left. Go up the ladder to find Phoenix Down in a chest.
5 Head back down and examine the apartment room door next to yours for a cutscene.

Life in the Slums

1 Leeave your room and head downstairs for a cutscene.
2 Afterwards, take the path going north. Watch your left for some metal stairs leading to a dark building with a hole that you can squeeze in at the end. You will find a chest with Grenade x3 on the right of the empty lot.
3 Head through the hole again and turn left to find some stairs going down. When you reach the street again, talk to the man wearing a cap on your left (near the pizza shop) to get Hip Hop de Chocobo music track.
4 From here, feel free to look around the area and talk to the residents. When you are ready, head to the 7th Heaven Bar at the middle section of the slums.
5 Follow Tifa to the item shop and purchase some items. Note that you can buy The Prelude music track here, as well as Healing, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Deadly Dodge materia.
6 Go outside and follow Tifa again to Stargazer Heights for another cutscene. Afterwards, follow her again to the weapons shop.
7 After the cutscene, go up the stairs to the rooftop and follow Tifa. Go inside the roof for another cutscene and read the tutorial on upgrading weapons. Tifa will join your party afterwards.

A Job for the Neighborhood Watch

1 Go ahead and equip materia on Tifa and upgrade her weapon before moving on.
2 Go down the ladder and head southwest to Scrap Boulevard. After going through the fence gate, head left and take out the Gorgers that appear.
3 Proceed further and defeat the Wererats. Even deeper into the area are more Gorgers. Break the Shinra crates there to find Potion. By the fence to your left is a chest with Antidote x2.
4 Take the path on the right and take out more enemies. After the cutscene. destroy the crates on the right which might contain some moogle medals.
5 Go inside the cave ahead to pick up Ice Materia, then head back to the entrance and to Biggs’ and Wedge’s outpost.
6 After the cutscene, go down to the weapons shop and talk to the dealer to get Iron Blade. Then, head outside and talk to Wymer outside the patrol building.

Job Well Done

1 Next to Wymer is Chadley who will give you Assess Materia and Combat Analyzer.
2 Afterwards, do any of the available Mercenary Quests. Once you have cleared at least one, you can head back to 7th Heaven to meet Barret. Before going back, you may want to clear some of the quests to earn some EXP and rewards. Feel free to do the Alone at Last discovery as well to get a Crescent Moon Charm.
3 Head back to 7th Heaven for another cutscene. You can look around the bar while waiting or try playing some darts.
4 Sit back at your chair to wait for Tifa. After the cutscene, go outside.

Ominous Shadows

1 Talk to the hoodlums just up ahead and follow them to the empty lot.
2 Prepare to take them out. Be careful not to expose your back when any of them are near as they like to perform a powerful kick from behind. Use Fire to build up their stagger gauge.
3 Head back to your apartment for a cutscene. You will get the Ifrit materia from Jessie afterwards.

The Jessie Job

1 Talk to the hoodlums just up ahead and follow them to the empty lot. Prepare to battle them after the cutscene.
2 Afterwards, head back to your apartment for a cutscene. You will get the Ifrit materia from Jessie afterwards. Rest up first and talk to Jessie again.


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