Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Just Flew in from the Graveyard Side Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide on the side quest Just Flew in from the Graveyard in FF7 Remake Intergrade/Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS5 and PS4. Included are the quest's location, unlock conditions, objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Walkthrough and Guide

Just Flew in from the Graveyard Side Quest


Quest Giver
Gwen (Sector 7 Slums southeast street)
Location Enemies Rewards
Abandoned Talagger Factory Gorgers, Cerulean Drake

Star Bangle

Unlock Conditions
Clear A Nuisance in the Factor quest.

Side Quest List


1 Go inside the abandoned factory and follow the path going to the large covered area. Head to the exit on your left and follow the path to the garage. Take out the Gorgers there.
2 Take the exit on your right and proceed forward until you come to the forked path. Take the path on the left and take out more Gorgers there. Then, open the garage door at the opposite end.
3 Destroy the crates on the left to find the Watch Security Key. Afterwards, head back to the previous room and go up the steel steps into the corridor. Defeat more Gorgers in the next room.
4 After taking out the enemies, use the key to open the door on the opposite to the one you came through.
5 Prepare to battle the Cerulean Drake. As with the Lesser Drakes, it is weak to wind magic. Pummel it with physical attacks and use Tifa’s Whirling Uppercut to stagger it before unloading with strong attack in Punisher Mode.

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