Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Swordipede Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for the Swordipede in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating them in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hoodlums Boss Guide


Swordipede is a spiny centipede-shaped bionic produced by Shinra’s R&D. It inhabits Sector 0. Swordipede makes use of lightning attacks.

Boss Guide List


Strong Against
EXP 900
AP 12
Gil 1250
Items Force Bracelet


Saw Blade

Curls into a spiky ball and runs over the enemy.

Live Wire

Twists its body and gathers some jolts of electricity and then takes off, electrocuting enemies that come in contact.

Saw-Toothed Spin

Transforms into a thin wheel and circles around the narrow catwalk, damaging enemies that it bumps into.

Energy Volley

Hovers in the air and deploys droplets of electricity.


Equip Lightning elemental armor.

Have Tifa and Aerith wear armor imbued with Lightning element to protect them from the boss’ elemental attacks.

Weaken it with ranged attacks.

The party is split in half which means you have no control over who has better synergy with his ally. Between Cloud and Barret, you’re better off using Barret to shave a chunk of its health since it tends to stun members who come close to it. Pepper it with regular attacks and then unleash a Maximum Fury when you get the chance. If you’re running low on HP, switch to Cloud and have him use heals. Cloud is also a candidate for using ATB.

On the other hand, use Aerith to consistently deal chip damage with spells like Aeroga and Firaga and leave the frontlines to Tifa and Red XIII. Don’t forget to watch the health bar and have Aerith patch up to survive the fight.

Swap materia.

If you need to pass on your best Fire and Wind materia from one group to the other, you can opt to hold the Square button while the cutscene is going on to make a quick change.

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