Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Post-Game Unlockable Features

A guide on all unlockable features in Final Fantasy 7 Remake which can be accessed after clearing the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Post-game Unlockables

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Post-Game Features

Hard Mode

FF7 Remake - Hard Mode

After clearing the game for the first time on any difficulty setting, you will be able to unlock Hard mode. When playing on Hard, you will encounter more powerful enemies but will gain increased amounts of EXP and AP. Use of consumable items, however, is restricted and MP will not be restored when resting.

Hard Mode Guide

New Shinra VR Combat Simulator Challenges

FF7 Remake - Shinra Combat Simulator Hard Mode

New Shinra Combat Simulator challenges that are rank 5 and higher are also unlocked after clearing the game. Completing these tough battles allow you to obtain special items, including rare manuals that grant SP to characters.

Shinra VR Combat Simulator Guide

Pride and Joy Secret Boss

The Pride and Joy secret boss battle is also unlocked upon clearing the game and is only accessible in Hard Mode. To access it, you must also clear all Battle Intel reports, Corneo Colosseum battle challenges (including Aerith’s solo battles), and Shinra Simulator battle challenges.

Pride and Joy Secret Boss Guide

Afterwards, you will be able to use a special combat simulator in Chapter 17 that lets you battle the Pride and Joy Prototype.

FF7 Remake - Post-Game Unlockables

Defeating the Pride and Joy Prototype rewards you with Gotterdammerung, the best accessory in the game.

Chapter Select

FF7 Remake - Chapter Select

Completing the main story also unlocks Chapter Select where you will be able to replay any of the 18 story chapters on any difficulty, including Hard Mode.

Main Story Walkthroughs

Combat Manuscript Volumes IV to XIV

Volumes IV to XIV of each character’s combat manuscripts can only be obtained in Hard Mode. They are rewarded for beating certain enemies or by clearing battle challenges at the Corneo Colosseum and Shinra Combat Simulator.

All Manuscript Locations

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