Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Episode INTERmission Post-game Unlockables

A guide on all rewards, equipment, items, and features unlocked after beating Episode INTERmission in FF7 Remake Intergrade/Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Post-game Unlockables

Episode INTERmission Post-game Unlockables

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Episode INTERmission Post-game Unlockables

Below are all additional content, features, and rewards obtained after clearing all chapters of Episode INTERmission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade (FF7 Remake). Unlocked content can accessed in the main story of FF7 Remake Intergrade which are not available in the base version of the game (FF7 Remake).

Episode INTERmission Walkthrough and Guide

Hard Mode (Episode INTERmission)

Clearing Episode INTERmission on Normal difficulty unlocks Hard mode, similar to main story of FF7 Remake Intergrade. Playing on this setting applies a number of changes in the game, including restrictions that make the playthrough more challenging.

Hard Mode Guide

Yuffie and Sonon Shinra Combat Simulator Challenges

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Episode INTERmission Shinra Combat Simulator

Shinra Combat Simulator Challenges  with Yuffie and Sonon are also released after clearing the Episode INTERmission story content. This feature can be accessed upon reaching Chapter 2: Covert Ops and allows you to take on ★3, ★4, ★7 Battle Challenges, including Two-person Team Vs. Shinra Top Secrets (Pride and Joy Mk.0.5 boss fight).

Pride and Joy Mk. 0.5 Boss Fight (Shinra Combat Simulator)

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Pride and Joy Mk.0.5

Pride and Joy Mk.0.5 appears as an optional boss fight for Yuffie and Sonon in the Shinra Combat Simulator after beating both chapters of Episode INTERmission. As with its main story counterpart (FF7 Remake Intergrade), this ★7 Battle Challenge also pits you against Bahamut, Ifrit, and Ramuh before facing Pride and Joy Mk.0.5. The fight requires roughly the same level of endurance as the one against Pride and Joy Prototype so be sure to plan accordingly before facing it.

Pride and Joy Mk.0.5 Boss Guide

Weiss Boss Fight (Shinra Combat Simulator)

FF7 Remake Intergrade - Weiss Boss Fight

Clearing the main story section of Episode INTERmission also unlocks the optional Battle Challenge Three-person Team Vs. The Immaculate in the Shinra Combat Simulator upon reaching Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos of FF7 Remake Intergrade (main story). This allows you to challenge Weiss the Immaculate, the ruthless ruler of Deepground.

Weiss the Immaculate Boss Guide

Note that the fight against Weiss is also a ★7 Battle Challenge and is among the hardest single-boss battles in the game. Before taking him on, it is recommended to have acquired Manawall with the Barrier Materia to cut Weiss’ insane damage output in half, giving you the best chance to beat him.

Shinra Combat Simulator Guide

Gotterdammerung x4

FF7 Remake Intergarde - Episode INTERmission Post-game Unlockables

Clearing the Pride and Joy Prototype boss fight in Episode INTERmission and the Weiss boss fight in the main storyline each rewards you with two (2) Gotterdammerung accessories. In the main storyline (Cloud’s party), it was only possible to obtain 1 Gotterdammerung in the game by defeating the Pride and Joy secret superboss. In Intergrade, it is now possible to equip all active party members with the powerful accessory.

Gotterdammerung Stats and Location

Gotterdammerung allows its wearer to enter battle with a full Limit Break gauge which also gradually refills during battle. This allows you to quickly stack tremendous amounts of damage on enemies and bosses at the start of the fight.

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