Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - The Angel of The Slums Side Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide on the side quest The Angel of the Slums inFF7 Remake Intergrade/Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS5 and PS4. Included are the quest's location, unlock conditions, objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Walkthrough and Guide

The Angel of the Slums Side Quest


Quest Giver
Damon (Sector 5 Slums – Central District)
Location Enemies Rewards
Sector 5 Slums (Lookout  Point) Chromagger 2,000 gil
Unlock Conditions
Clear Kids on Patrol side quest. Head to the Children’s Secret Hideout to trigger the side quest’s appearance from Oates.

Side Quest List


1 Head inside the community center and look for a woman dressed in adventurer’s gear (Mireille).  Talk to her and return to Damon afterwards.
2 Go to the Lookout Point to the north and prepare to battle the Chromagger.
3 Chromagger, as with most machines, is weak to lightning. Focus your attacks on the wrecking ball on its left arm first to build up its stagger gauge. You can have Aerith use Arcane Ward to doublecast magic, speeding up its stagger buildup. Chromagger’s attacks are quite easy to dodge since it is very slow, though be sure to maintain a good distance away from its area-of-effect attacks.
4 After defeating Chromagger, get the calling card form the desk near the clumped up furniture.
5 Fast travel back to Damon to get your reward.

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