Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Pride and Joy Secret Boss Guide

A guide on Pride and Joy secret boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake/FF7 Remake, including how to unlock, recommended party members, equipment, materia, strategies to defeat it, and rewards.

FF7 Remake - How to Unlock Pride and Joy Secret Boss

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pride and Joy Secret Boss

FF7 Remake - Pride and Joy Secret Boss Guide

Pride and Joy is a secret boss encountered at the final Shinra Combat Simulator battle challenge (rank 7). It is undoubtedly the most challenging fight in the game, pitting you against a wave of summons before the secret boss itself.

How to Unlock

To unlock the secret boss challenge, you must meet the conditions below.

Condition Details
Clear the main story at least once. Any difficulty.
Clear all Battle Intel reports.
Clear all Corneo Colosseum battle challenges. Must also complete Aerith’s solo battle challenges in Chapter 9 (after defeating Hell House).
Clear all Shinra Combat Simulator battle challenges. Must also complete Hard Mode-only challenges (rank 5 and higher).

Afterwards, a cutscene with Chadley will appear during a cutscene in Chapter 17. This allows you to access the rank 7 battle challenge Three-Person Team vs Top Secrets from the Shinra Combat Simulator at the 66F – Hojo’s Laboratory: Main Level. It is only available on Hard mode.

Battle Challenge Overview

Rank 7 (Hard Mode Only)

Name Enemies Reward
Three-Person Team vs Top Secrets
  • 1: Shiva
  • 2: Fat Chocobo
  • 3: Leviathan
  • 4: Bahamut (summons Ifrit)
  • 5: Pride and Joy Prototype

What makes the fight very challenging is the fact that you must defeat five powerful summons before facing the Pride and Joy Prototype secret boss. Bahamut arguably presents the most difficult challenge as it is able to summon Ifrit when its HP is at half.

Recommended Party

Name Role
Cloud Physical/magic damage
Tifa Physical/magic damage
Aerith Support

Recommended Equipment

Best Weapons for Each Character


Weapon Twin Stinger
Armor Chain Bangle
Accessories Headband/Revival Earrings


Weapon Sonic Strikers/Metal Knuckles
Armor Cog Bangle
Accessories Headband/Revival Earrings


Weapon Reinforced Staff/Mythril Rod
Armor Rune Armlet
Accessories Circlet/Revival Earrings

Recommended Materia

All Materia List and Locations

Name Details
HP Up Grants you more HP to withstand as much as attacks as possible.
MP Up Necessary for always having MP to cast Curaga.
Healing For Curaga.
Revival For Rise/Arise.
Magnify Pair with Curaga to increase healing or Barrier to reduce more incoming damage, particularly Bahamut’s Megaflare.
Fire Pair with Elemental materia to let you heal when hit by Ifrit’s fire attacks and Pride and Joy’s flamethrower.
Lightning Pair with Elemental materia to exploit elemental weakness of Leviathan and Pride and Joy Prototype.
Elemental Pair with either Fire or Lightning materia.

Recommended Weapon Skills

Name Role
Reprieve Allows you to live through Bahamut’s Megaflare once, especially if you do not have Revival Earrings equipped.



Having Headband equipped protects you from Shiva’s Sleep ability, making her very easy to deal with. Bombard her with fire magic, Focused Thrust, and Starshower to quickly build up her stagger gauge before unloading on her with more abilities such as Blade Burst and Triple Slash.

When Shiva begins casting Diamond Dust, heal your party up to near full HP to avoid getting wiped out.

Fat Chocobo

While a slow enemy, you should avoid getting hit Fat Chocobo’s attacks or block them as much as possible. Remember to take care of the lesser enemies it summons before focusing all attacks on Fat Chocobo. Make sure your characters are healed up and prepare to guard when Fat Chocobo winds up its Kweh Kweh move.


Use lightning magic against Leviathan to cause its stagger gauge to build up quickly. Leviathan will pummel you mostly with magic attacks so setting up Manaward. You can have Aerith pitch in with the offense when Leviathan goes airborne to use Spinning dive. You can temporarily wail on Leviathan when it uses Briny Below so close in with Cloud and Tifa to stack a good amount of damage before it recovers.

As with Shiva, you will want to heal your party to near full HP when Leviathan prepares to use Tidal Wave. This should help your party tank through the ultimate attack.

Bahamut with Ifrit

By far the hardest fight in the challenge, Bahamut is a formidable opponent mainly because of its Megaflare attack that is almost always guaranteed to wipe out the entire party if you do not have Reprieve. You can also use Manawall to mitigate the damage or equip Revival Earrings to live through the attack.

At 50% HP, Bahamut will summon Ifrit, which will make the fight even more difficult. If you paired Fire materia with Elemental materia on your armor, you can have Ifrit’s fire attacks heal you, allowing you to continue focusing on Bahamut. Otherwise, taking out Ifrit as fast as possible first with Limit Breaks is your best option.

Pride and Joy Prototype

The fight against the secret boss itself is not as hard as the one against Bahamut. Get behind Pride and Joy Prototype and build up its stagger gauge with lightning magic and physical attacks. Most of its moves will only hit you at close range, making them very easy to avoid. Just be sure to move Aerith when it winds up its ranged beam cannon attack.

If Pride and Joy Prototype manages to grab any of your party members, wail on its hand to free them. This prevents it from using Brutal Tackle that will instantly kill the bound ally.


Clearing the Three-Person Team vs Top Secrets battle challenge rewards you with Gotterdamerung, the best accessory in the game. This allows a character to enter battle with a full limit break gauge. The limit break gauge also gradually fills during battle.

Accessories List

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