Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Abzu and Shoats Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Abzu and Shoats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it in the game.

Abzu and Shoats

Abzu and Shoats is a boss encountered in Corneo’s Hideout. Abzu is a large beast raised by Don Corneo in the sewers. The beast controls the sewer waters. When hunting in a group, Abzu sends off its offspring to attack. The fight is relatively similar to the first encounter save for the addition of Abzu Shoats. Abzu is weak to fire.

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Weakness Fire
Strong Against Gravity
Absorbs None
Immunity None



Whips its tail around to hit surrounding enemies.

Bash and Smash

Abzu slams its massive fists three times toward targets.

Ground Pound

Abzu slams raises both its arms in the air and smashes down on the ground.

Sewage Pools

Abzu briefly charges itself before causing the pools of sewer water around the battlefield to explode.


Abzu faces in the direction of its target and charges toward it.


Abzu interrupts its attack and abruptly goes for a charge. The attack sends its target flying.

Blackwater Deluge

Abzu jumps angrily and the corners of the area fills up with sewer water. After a brief moment, sewer water will gush out of the opening on the right side of the battlefield. Luckily, the move is easier to evade. If you stay on the spot far from the left sewer grate, you’ll be safe from the flood.

Backwash Spout

Another move to look out for is its Backwash Spout. Don’t let the vicious whirlpools catch you to prevent getting poisoned. If you fail to dodge it, remove the effect quickly by having the support member detoxify allies with a spell or using Antidotes.


Focus on the Shoats.

When faced with a lone Shoat, combine regular attacks with Braver to take it out. If there are multiples nearby, use attacks like Triple Slash to wipe them out.

Dodge the whirlpools.

While Abzu’s Backwash Spout can be easy to dodge once you get familiar with it from the previous fight, it tends to use it more often compared to its other attacks this time around. Keep dodging whenever it happens.

Summon Ifrit.

Aside from using Fire-imbued weapons, Ifrit offers a way to take out a large chunk of the boss’ health due to its powerful Hellfire attack. Save that ATB gauge and use summon when it appears to take advantage of the window.

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