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This is a Mass Effect Andromeda Characters article on the Kett Archon. Here you’ll find information about a character found in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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archon kett
Pictured: the Archon heading into the alien vault on Habitat 7.

The menacing leader of the Kett race, he desires to utilize the remnant technology planted in the Heleus cluster for the benefit of his species.

Archon Character Profile

“You learn by accident! I am the genetic inheritor of a thousand species!” 

archonA secretive fellow, the Archon seeks out Alec Ryderquite deceased at that time–due to his DNA profile embedded in one of the vaults.

Motivated by the concept of “exaltation,” he and his cohorts sought to use kidnapped angarans to cause them to “ascend” them unto a higher plane. One of these angarans is the MoshaeThe Cardinal was infused with his DNA in order to be Exalted.

Using the vaults found on every planet, the Archon would manipulate the ecosystem of each world for his nefarious purposes.

The kett present a mysterious but ever-present danger in the Heleus Cluster. As the militia struggles to gather any details on their plans or motivations, rumors have reached the Nexus of the kett’s leader, a powerful military commander known as the Archon.

This Archon is said to command the kett from a dreadnought out in unknown space, and is only rarely sighted planetside. Thus far, these sightings are always Remnant dig sites, or kett-controlled Remnant structures.

Station Unknown
POS Kett Leader
Race Kett
First Met Habitat 7, after Planetside (cutscene)

For seventy-five years, this enigmatic Kett leader has maintained control of the cluster, through a brutal subjugation. When he first arrived, the Archon introduced himself with a very diplomatic spirit, manipulating Angarans and pitted them against each other.

Moshae Sjefa states that the Archon is focused on Meridian, the control center for all of the Remnant vaults littered throughout the cluster. Meridian could either terraform or make whole worlds uninhabitable.


Weapon Proficiencies 





Main Quests

Main Quests involving the Character
Planetside A Trail of Hope  Hunting the Archon
The Journey to Meridian Meridian: The Way  Home


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