Aya Planet Locations Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda planet locations guide on the planet, Aya Here, you will learn details about the planet’s climate, wildlife, and indigenous species. We will be updating this as more information comes out.

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The hidden stronghold of the Angarans, this planet is where Ryder first meets Jaal, Paaran Shie, and Evfra. It is mostly a volcanic planet. However, there are certain parts that are oases. This is where the Angara thrive.

This planet is an anomaly in the Heleus Cluster: a lush planet where a Remnant site appears to be active. It is a sanctuary for the angara, the only known sentient species local to Heleus, and guarded fiercely against outsiders. This is helped by Aya’s position relative to Heleus’ black hole, whose gravitational lensing effect makes Aya harder to detect. The Scourge also makes the approach to Aya extremely dangerous for untrained pilots. Scans indicate numerous kett wrecks lost in the Scourge nearby, picked clean by angaran salvagers.

The planet is also the headquarters of the Angaran REsistance movement against the kett, whose leaders advise Ayas planetary governor, Paaran Shie. Director Tann has ordered that the planet is not only to be considered sovereign territory, but a military power. While the Tempest and its crew are allowed to visit peacefully, the Nexus is advising extreme caution to other potential visitors, and ordering the distribution of “early contact” guidelines.


Planet Details
Galaxy Andromeda
Cluster Heleus Cluster
Star System Onaon
Surface temp 28C
Atmospheric Pressure 140 Atmospheres
Climate Cold Environment
Hazard Level 1
Population Angara

Locations in Aya

Voeld Locations
Location Inhabitants Mission involved
Angaran City Jaal, Paaran Shie, Evfra, many other Angarans TBA

Aya Assignments and Quests


  • First Steps
  • TBA
  • TBA

Mineral Deposits 

Minerals Found
Mineral Name Payload

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