Challyrion Enemy Profile [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Challyrion Enemy Profile

challyrionA mammalian creature from Andromeda. It is a savage quadruped predator that camouflages itself to sneak up to its pray.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Wildlife
Type Beast
Weapon Tooth and Claw
Abilities  Leap
Shielded None
Armored  None
Vitality  Medium

It is very possible that either this beast or the Adhi are the origins of the menacing kett wraith


Challyrions can be encountered on Havarl or Kadara. They aren’t difficult enemies to fight: simply use pull and throw to kill them–and possibly  take others down with them. Challyrions usually come in packs, so take note.

Quests Involved 

  • Overgrown


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