Cora Harper Romance Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Cora Harper Romance  Guide for Mass Effect Andromeda. In this article, you will learn how to develop your relationship with Cora Harper.

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cora harper romance
WARNING: In-game is slightly NSFW.

Cora Harper Romance Guide

Cora Harper, your badass huntress-grade biotic user, can be romanced in Mass Effect Andromeda. Cora prefers BroRyder. Sorry, ladies. Cora’s relationship with Ryder will be centered around her ability to be Pathfinder, and coming to terms with her subordination.

Good Together

Talk to Cora post-settling Eos. After venting her anger at not receiving the position, she’ll tell you that “Maybe we’ll all get what we came out here for.” Choose “We’ll be good together,” as your dialogue choice.

A Dream of Roses

Head for Cora’s room after settling on Eos. Cora mentions that she dreams of having a rose garden sometimes. Tell her: “You’re a romantic.”

Strategies for Handling the Kett

After “A Trail of Hope,” talk to Cora. She’ll voice to you some of her concerns. Eventually, she mentions that she wishes to have Alec Ryder’s take on the situation. Choose “You and I can handle anything.”

Locating the Asari Ark 

Main Article: Locating the Asari Ark

To move forward with Cora’s romantic arc, you have to first finish her quests.


Talk to Cora after finishing the Asari Ark side quest. She’ll mope around, complaining about how guilty she feels for stripping Serissa of her duties as pathfinder. She realizes that her mistakes would be worse if she were the pathfinder. Reply: “You’re still special to me.”

She then asks you why she’s still important to you. Answer that “I still careI need you.” 

She real talks you: “I feel a hell of a lot better with you here.” Here you can press R2 or the respective button to embrace her.

Just a little bit more. 😉

A Project. On Eos.

Talk to Cora again after a while. She’s been thinking a lot about Serissa, and her not being a pathfinder. She wants to do a mystery project. Set a course for Eos. 

You guys will have a moment in an outpost. She leads you to a device that transforms sand into something else. She realizes that she doesn’t need someone else’s plan. She just needs a good beginning–and someone she needs. Reply with: “I like the sound of that.”
Afterwards, you guys will grab a clump of the stuff and throw it in the air. You will be prompted to kiss Cora. Press the corresponding button to do so.

A Lighting Malfunction

Back at the Tempest, talk to Cora again. Enjoy the sexy time.


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