Cyclone Assault Rifle Stats Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda weapons page on the Cyclone assault rifle. Here you’ll find information about the weapons used in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Cyclone Assault Rifle Guide

cyclone assault rifleThe Cyclone’s rapid rate of fire requires a short warm up before use. The rifle’s mediocre accuracy is balanced by a massive capacity. As its manufacturer states, “With so many rounds to spare, what does it matter if a few don’t land?” The Cyclone was removed from production years prior to the Andromeda Initiative’s departure due to intense maintenance requirements, but some soldiers still swear by it.

Weapon Base Stats
Technology Type Milky Way
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Damage  29
Rate of Fire 675
Max Clip Size 50
Max Ammo 250
Accuracy 46
Weight 35
Research Data Points Required  100+10 per level
Crafting Materials  Omni Gel Canister, Beryllium, Fluorite, Vanadium
Effective Against  TBA
Weak Against  TBA



Weapon Upgrade Table
Base Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Damage  29  31  34  36  39
Rate of Fire  675 675  675 675 675
Max Clip Size 50 50 50 50 50
Max Ammo 250 257 264 271 278
Accuracy 46 50 52 53 54
Weight 35 33 31 29 27


The cyclone is a fast-firing weapon. Given that, it needs as much clip size it can get. This means that skills like turbocharge and assault rifle passive skills are effective.

Upgrades that enlarge a weapon’s clip size is also very crucial. Use the assault rifle skill’s spare ammo and clip size upgrades to maximize the revenant’s clip capabilities.

Turbocharge also helps when using this weapon. Aside from the general improvement of damage, rate of fire, and clip size a fully upgraded turbocharge skill could give you almost 100% more clip size for your weapon. With a machine gun like the cyclone, you will do more damage with more ammunition.

The rapid firing nature of this weapon means that it is a suitable candidate for soldier builds


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