Side Mission Walkthrough – Defeating the Kett

The page contains the Side Quest, Defeating the Kett, which takes place west of Prodromos on the planet Eos. Ryder finds a gigantic Kett power station and subsequently invades and destroys it.

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Side Mission Walkthrough – Defeating the Kett

Defeating the Kett can only be accessed once you terraform the planet. That means you have to enter the remnant vault on Eos. For more information, see A Better Beginning.

The kett stronghold is a large power station. It has allowed them to spy on Initiative activity and stage repeated attacks that are quickly reinforced. Dealing with the station will greatly improve the viability of Eos. A direct assault is inevitable, but perhaps there is a way to weaken the stronghold before the attack.

Find a way inside the kett power facility / unlock the shield gate

Your first task is to unlock the shield gate. Head over to the shield station. There will be kett anointed and chosen to destroy, so take them out. Word of advice: use a fully-upgraded backlash on the anointed once it starts shooting at you. You’ll kill him without even firing a single shot.

Head for the access panel. Press triangle to hack it, and stay within its radius. If you don’t you might face some problems. Watch out for wraiths and the anointed! 

defeating the kett Once the dust settles, and you find yourself alive, open the door leading into the main facility. You can rest a bit here. There’s some supplies and health for you to take, so if you were wounded in the previous battle, don’t stop yourself from healing up. 

Access the Kett Shield Array / Overwrite the Security Terminals

In the next area, you’ll find a huge ring. On both sides are kett  consoles. Choose one side and keep fighting until you reach the shield generator.  Interact with the left most console and right most console to overload the shield generators.

Overload the Shield Array

Head for the central console and deactivate it. The Invictor will be very, very, very angry. Proceed forward into the facility. You’ll meet up with some angry kett. Take them out, especially the ones shooting at you from a far and up the ledge.

 The Security Alarm /Find a way inside the kett power facility

I personally died many, many times here. Carefuly head on over to the second floor of the facility and fight towards the security alarm. This, you should do unless you want all of kettdom descending upon you.

Secondary: Override All Security Lockdown Terminals

Upon arriving at the security alarm’s location and one of the three consoles that unlock the entrance to the facility, note that the alarm is to the left of the console. Override that console and the security alarm. You will substantially meet smaller numbers.

Fight through the second security lock down terminal and the third one. The third one is a bit tricky to find. use the middle lane and head under the previous building, to the other side.  You’ll easily find the third lockdown terminal.

Access the stronghold core / Reach the command center

Now the fun part. Head to the marker and drop down the hole you’ve made. Fight the kett attacking you. Head deeper into the base.

Inside the huge “arena” like area, there is a kett anointed. Destroy him and enter through the door. Along with the horde of kett chosen and anointed, you will be pitted against an Ascendant called Invictor.

Eliminate the kett Invictor

Invictor is a bit hard to kill, since his electromagnetic shield can only be destroyed by taking out the Ascendant’s Orb hovering around him. Upon destroying that, I suggest using a biotic charge or a devastating shotgun blast  to kill the invictor. Quickly take out its health before its shield comes back.

Unlock access to the zenith observation room

Upon ending the horrendous battle, you can finally take a breather. Headup the elevator and gain access to the observation room. A glorious view awaits you–and some  really, really, really cool loot!

Clear out remaining defenders

When you’re ready, go down by the elevator and up the hole you made earlier. Head back outside. There’s no use in clearing the area, since the Destined and Chosen will continue to spawn indefinitely. You’ll have an awesome fight right up until you reach your forward station. And now you’ve finished Defeating the Kett! 

The Aftermath.

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