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Dr. Suvi Anwar
Conversing with Dr. Suvi Anwar

“I’m Dr. Suvi Anwar, assigned to act as liaison between your crew and the Nexus science team” – Suvi Anwar to Ryder

Dr. Suvi Anwar Profile

Dr. Suvi Anwar
Dr. Suvi Anwar up close

Dr. Suvi Anwar is a member of the Nexus’ science team and the human science officer of the Tempest. An astrophysicist and molecular biologist who is also said to also be deeply religious (having lived her life seeking to justify two seemingly contradictory backgrounds). She views science as a means of understanding “the divine intelligence behind all of creation.”

In addition to being an astrophysicist, she holds advanced degrees in astrophysics and molecular biology. In a screening interview, she stated that she was from a “large, rather boisterous family” of five children. Her neuroscientist mother and mathematician father exposed her and her siblings to science from a young age, which sparked a lifelong love of the subject. Suvi declares that there was no hesitation on her part in signing up for the Andromeda Initiative, once she learned of its existence, owing to a desire to see and experience more than one small corner of this vast universe.

Suvi accidentally poisons herself by trying this on an Andromeda rock. She said she did it unconsciously out of habit; when she was young, she would go on expeditions with her father and performed the “lick test” on local rocks. When Ryder asks Suvi if she’ll be fighting alongside the squad, she points out that she has no combat training and would probably wind up accidentally shooting Ryder in the back.
She is a potential love interest for female Ryder (s).

Dr. Suvi Anwar
Dr. Suvi Anwar up close 2
Station  Tempest, Nexus
POS  Human Science Officer – Tempest,

Nexus Science Team – Member

Race  Human
Voice Actor  Katy Townsend


Weapon Proficiencies 





Main Quests

Main Quests involving Suvi Anwar


Side Quests involving Suvi Anwar
Dr. Suvi Anwar
Dr. Suvi Anwar talking with Ryder


  • Dr. Suvi Anwar was written by Sheryl Chee.
  • Suvi’s name is pronounced as “Soo-Vee”.
  • When Suvi performed the “lick test” on an Andromeda rock is actually what real life geologists have been known to do. They study rocks by putting them in their mouths if they don’t have the proper tools, as it’s a quick and efficient way of examining a material’s porosity and strength.
  • “The divine intelligence behind all of creation.” – This sentence which she quotes when you converse with Suvi about the Heleus, she is actually paraphrasing a quote by journalist and Christian apologetics author, Lee Strobel.
  • Suvi is a Finnish name with means “Summer,” and Anwar is an Arabic name. Since in the Mass Effect universe the lines that separate humanity’s different ethnicities and nationalities are to a certain extent blurred, a redheaded Scotswoman with a Finnish given name and an Arabic last name isn’t that far out there.
  • She has some odd quirks, like a tendency to lick rocks and writing a 60 page report about dirt, but she’s a skilled scientist.
  • The first image of Suvi that was released show her (or perhaps an early version of her) sitting at her station on the bridge of the Tempest, with multiple mugs of some kind of beverage around her.
  • Dr. Suvi Anwar is voiced by Katy Townsend
  • A real life example, but shortly after being officially introduced, there have been those who have accused Katy Townsend (Voice Actor of Dr. Suvi Anwar) of having a “fake Scottish accent” yet Katy Townsend is from Glasgow.


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