Side Mission Walkthrough – High Noon [Mass Effect Andromeda]

The page contains the Side Quest, High Noon, which takes place near Kadara slums on Kadara.

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High Noon walkthrough

Talk to Sloane Kelly to start this mission.

Meet Sloane at the Charlatan’s specified location

Drive to the specified location. It’s a cave near one of your forward stations–sulfur springs, so the drive won’t be as long.

Upon arrival, you’ll get to talk to Sloane a bit. You can choose either to do some other things or to go into the cave.

Reyes = Charlatan

It turns out that Reyes is the charlatan, and will challenge Sloane for Kadara port.

It is here that you have two decisions: let a sniper kill Sloane, or save her from the sniper.

Choice 1: Sloane Dies

high noon You never saved Sloane from the rifle shot. She dies from her wounds.

Reyes plans to take Kadara port.

Talk to Reyes on Tartarus

Talk to Reyes in the slums. You can either choose to end the conversation as partners and friends, or partners only by necessity.

Choice 2: Sloane lives

You saved Sloane. Shoot Reyes or not, Reyes still escapes. Sloane tells you to meet with her at her office in Kadara port.

Talk to Sloane in Kadara port

Talking to Sloane allows an alliance between the Pathfinder (not Jarunn Tann) and Kadara port. She gets a cut of whatever the settlers produce–extortion. If you ask her if “This makes us friends,” she tells you: “Don’t push your luck…Scott.” (Or Ryder, if you changed your name.)

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