Loyalty Mission Walkthrough: Peebee – Reclaiming Poc [Mass Effect Andromeda]

Peebee’s Loyalty Mission Reclaiming Poc is unlocked after you complete the The Secret Project. You will receive an email from Peebee titled “Got a Lead!”

Loyalty Mission Walkthrough: Peebee – Reclaiming Poc

Meet Peebee in the Kadara Bar

After reading the email proceed to Kadara bar. You’ll find Peebee with a guy called Samrick. Here them out on the location of Peebee’s Poc.

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Go to the Location on Elaaden

After talking to Peebee and Samrick, travel to Elaaden. Finish your preparations by choosing your loadout, then drop down to the planet.

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Once you land on the planet’s surface, hop on the Nomad and proceed towards the quest marker. If you’ve already ventured into Elaaden, you can fast travel to the Forward Station near the location of the site.

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Search the Site / Talk to the Scavenger

When you get to the location, you’ll need to speak to the scavenger there by following the quest marker. When you approach the scavenger, you’ll be able to ask him a few questions besides the location of Peebee’s Poc. Take your time to listen to all of them if you want.

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Speak to Peebee on the Tempest

After talking to the scavenger, get back to the Nomad and return to the Tempest. Once there, talk to Peebee and listen to the audio log that Kalinda left behind and some dialogue about how Peebee is growing more into you.

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