Revenant Assault Rifle Stats Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Revenant Assault Rifle Stats Guide

Revenant Assault Rifle

The Revenant Assault Rifle is the weapon of choice for unsavory characters throughout the Mass Effect Andromeda universe. It sacrifices accuracy for a mid-range firing rate and plenty of ammunition on hand.

Weapon Base Stats
Technology Type Milky Way
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Firing Mode Semi-automatic
Rarity Rare
Damage Low
Rate of Fire Medium
Max Clip Size 60
Max Ammo TBA
Accuracy Medium
Weight 40
Research Data 150
Crafting Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Element Zero
Effective against TBA
Weak Against TBA


Weapon Name Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
Level I 38 620 60 360 44 40
Level II 38 620 60 370 47 38
Level III 40 620 60 380 50 36
Level IV 43 620 60 390 51 33
Level V 45 620 60 400 52 31


The revenant is a fast-firing weapon. Given that, it needs as much clip size it can get. This means that skills like turbocharge and assault rifle passive skills are effective.

Upgrades that enlarge a weapon’s clip size is also very crucial. Use the assault rifle skill’s spare ammo and clip size upgrades to maximize the revenant’s clip capabilities.

Turbocharge also helps when using this weapon. Aside from the general improvement of damage, rate of fire, and clip size a fully upgraded turbocharge skill could give you almost 100% more clip size for your weapon. With a machine gun like the revenant, you will do more damage with more ammunition.

The rapid firing nature of this weapon means that it is a suitable candidate for soldier builds

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