Sandstorm Assault Rifle Stats Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is the stats page for the Sandstorm Assault Rifle in Mass Effect Andromeda for the PS4. For more guides and information on the game, check out Samurai Gamersmain wiki page on Mass Effect Andromeda.

Sandstorm Assault Rifle Stats

Sandstorm Assault Rifle

Despite its classification as a Milky Way tech weapon, the streamlined and highly-accurate Sandstorm Assault Rifle has technologies that are distinctly non-Initiative in nature and reflects its origins. This assault rifle was in fact developed by Nexus exiles after they arrived in Heleus.

Weapon Base Stats
Technology Type Milky Way
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Firing Mode Semi-automatic
Rarity Rare
Damage 147
Rate of Fire 210
Max Clip Size 12
Max Ammo 72
Accuracy 75
Weight 35
Research Data 125 + 15 per level
Crafting Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Effective against TBA
Weak Against TBA


Weapon Name Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Max Ammo Accuracy Weight Requirements
Sandstorm Assault Rifle 147 210 12 72 75 35 (Base Stats)
 Level II 156 210 12 74 80 33  Sandstorm Lv I
Level III 166 210 12 76 84 31  Sandstorm Lv II +
Required Lv: 10
Level IV 176 210 12 78 86 29  Sandstorm Lv III +
Required Lv: 20
Level V 185 210 12 80 88 27  Sandstorm Lv IV +
Required Lv: 30


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