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Considered a legend even before rising to the ranks of bodyguard to the Pathfinder, Sarissa is a distinguished Asari Commando with formidable Biotic abilities. She was a mentor to Cora way back.

Sarissa Theris profile

“I chose protecting all these people over a single life. The choice they train us to make, Lieutenant!” – Sarissa

Sarissa’s prowess in Biotics is such that even Cora Harper, a commando who can tap on these abilities herself, heaps such admiration and praise on her. Sarissa inherited the role of Pathfinder after the Matriarch Ishara was killed. Deeper into the Cora’s Loyalty Mission Edge of Duty, it is revealed that hard decisions had put Sarissa at the helm of the Asari Ark after her Matriarch’s death.

Station Leusinia
POS Commander, Pathfinder
Race  Asari
First Met Leusinia


Weapon Proficiencies 

While not entirely reliant on firearms and other physical weaponry, it can be assumed that Sarissa can hold her own using them if the need arises.


Sarissa is an extremely powerful Biotics user, even admired by Cora Harper herself who was under her tutelage in the past. She has demonstrated to be more than capable of handling crisis situations as she had managed to hold off the pursuit of the kett after inheriting the Pathfinder role from Ishara.



Side Quests involving Sarissa
Loyalty Mission -Cora Harper: Edge of Duty TBA TBA

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