Side Mission Walkthrough – Monkeys In Space [Mass Effect Andromeda]

The Side Mission Monkeys in Space is only available if you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect Andromeda. You’ll receive an email during the Main Mission A Better Beginning to get your very own pyjak as a pet.

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Side Mission Walkthrough – Monkeys in Space

Pick up the Pyjak from the Nexus Docking Bays

After reading the email during the Main Mission A Better Beginning, head to the docking bays to and examine the cage that holds the pyjak.

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Visit the Pyjak on the Tempest

When you get on the Tempest for the first time, follow the quest marker and he should be hanging around near the Bio Lab. The Pyjak doesn’t do anything particularly useful other than just waiting to be petted whenever you’re around.

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