Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Alola Photoclub: Guide

The Alola Photoclub is the latest feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon where players can take selfies with their Pokemon and share it with other players...

What is the Alola Photoclub?

The Alola Photoclub is the latest feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon in which players can take pictures. When taking pictures, the players can also take it with their Pokemon. Upon doing so, there are some effects. Some of the effects include increasing the affection of the Pokemon towards you. In a sense, it’s like Instagram and Snapchat in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

And if you have a PGL account all set up, you can share your photos with other players.

Alola Photoclub

Where is the Alola Photoclub?

The Alola Photoclub is south of the shop that sells the Malasada and near the Police Station in Hau’oli City.

How does the Alola Photoclub work?

When you arrive at the area, you can choose what Pokemon to model with. Or, you can even just model as yourself. Choose the angle, lighting, filter, theme of the picture, and even your clothes. After shooting, you can also add some stamps and other glitz and glam to your photos for a more snazzy look.

Players then have another choice. They can either save it in their gallery or share it for other people to see. Some players share it across the Festival Plaza, the social media place for all Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon players.

Effects of the Alola Photoclub

After using the Alola Photoclub, not only do you now have a lot of pictures to use – but it affects your Pokemon. For Pokemon constantly in your pictures, they are seen to have higher affection. And for those Pokemon that rely on Affection to evolve, this particular aspect can be helpful. Some attacks such as Frustration and Return are also focused on the Affection levels, varying in damage levels depending on the Affection levels the Pokemon has.

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