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This article contains all the information about Fire Type Pokemon including their weaknesses, their strengths from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Fire Type Pokemon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Fire Type Pokemon often appear in the hands of Kiawe of Paniola Town. However in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon this particular type is often represented by the starter pokemon Litten. There are multiple trainers across generations that specialize with Fire Type Pokemon. The first generation had Blaine from Cinnabar Island gym specializing in Fire Type pokemon. Flint from the Elite Four from Sinnoh also specialized in Fire Type pokemon. Fire Type pokemon have a wide variety of skills. There are special skills such as Flamethrower stat skills like Sunny Day and Physical Attacks like Flame Wheel.

Battle Properties

Like any other pokemon Fire Type have an advantage over certain types. Some of those types are Grass Steel Ice and Bug. However they also take neutral damage from other elements but deal halved damage against other pokemon. Some type combinations that take half-damage from Fire Type pokemon are Water type pokemon and Dragon type pokemon.

Type Defenses

×2 Ground Rock Water
×1 Psychic Electric Dark Ghost
×1/2 Bug Grass Ice Steel Fairy Dragon

However this can change if the pokemon is a dual-type (i.e. Fire/Ground like Camerupt). Camerupt will then take x4 the damage from Water type pokemon.

Fire Type

Pokedex No. Name Type
#4 Charmander Fire
#5 Charmeleon Fire
#37 Vulpix Fire
#38 Ninetales Fire
#58 Growlithe Fire
#59 Arcanine Fire
#77 Ponyta Fire
#78 Rapidash Fire
#126 Magmar Fire
#136 Flareon Fire
#155 Cyndaquil Fire
#156 Quilava Fire
#157 Typhlosion Fire
#218 Slugma Fire
#240 Magby Fire
#244 Entei Fire
#255 Torchic Fire
#324 Torkoal Fire
#351 CastformSunny Form Fire
#390 Chimchar Fire
#467 Magmortar Fire
#498 Tepig Fire
#513 Pansear Fire
#514 Simisear Fire
#554 Darumaka Fire
#555 DarmanitanStandard Mode Fire
#631 Heatmor Fire
#653 Fennekin Fire
#654 Braixen Fire
#725 Litten Fire
#726 Torracat Fire

Dual Type

Dual Type pokemon often take more damage from a single element. However this is done in exchange for taking regular damage from another element the type in question is weak to. For example Camerupt is a dual Fire/Ground Type pokemon. While Camerupt does become immune to electric type attacks it does horribly against Water Type pokemon. Water type attacks deal x4 the damage due to both types being weak against Water type pokemon.

Primary: Fire

Dual Type Water Type Pokemon have two mixtures. One has Fire as its primary type and the other as its secondary type. However regardless if the type is primary or secondary it does not affect the STAB and power of certain moves.

Fire/ Dark

The final evolution of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Litten Incineroar boasts as the only Fire/ Dark type in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. While there are other pokemon that bear similar type mixtures like Houndoor Houndoom and Mega Houndoom Incineroar gives more priority to Fire skills. Like the three Dark/Fire Type pokemon mentioned above he takes additional damage to Ground Fighting Dark and Water. However his being a Dark type makes him resistant against to Ghost type attacks and immune to Psychic types.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#727 Incineroar Fire Dark
Fire/ Dragon

Being a Fire Type Pokemon with a Dragon Type mixed in means that it takes in only x1 damage from Ice which is normally x2 against Dragons. However it now takes in an additional type of damage in exchange: Dragon Type. Because it’s also a half Dragon-type these Fire Type Pokemon also take in an increase of damage from Fairy Type attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#06 Mega Charizard X Fire Dragon
#776 Turtonator Fire Dragon
Fire/ Fighting

As of now there is no Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon that is legitimately part of the Fire/ Fighting type. However the previous generations offer a variety of Fire Type Pokemon with a mix of Fighting Type. Some of these Fire Type pokemon include Blaziken who is from Generation III.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#256 Combusken Fire Fighting
#257 Blaziken Fire Fighting
Mega Blaziken Fire Fighting
#391 Monferno Fire Fighting
#392 Infernape Fire Fighting
#499 Pignite Fire Fighting
#500 Emboar Fire Fighting
Fire/ Flying

Fire Type Pokemon with Flying Type as their secondary type end up giving Fire Type Pokemon a weakness to Electric types. They also take quadruple damage from Rock attacks as both Fire Type Pokemon and Flying Type Pokemon take heavy damage from Rock type attacks. However they do become immune to Ground type pokemon as one of their benefits to being part Flying. They also take only 1/4 damage from Bug Type pokemon.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#6 Charizard Fire Flying
Mega Charizard Y Fire Flying
#146 Moltres Fire Flying
#250 Ho-Oh Fire Flying
#662 Fletchinder Fire Flying
#663 Talonflame Fire Flying
#741 OricorioBaile Style Fire Flying
Fire/ Ghost

Alola Marowak is the only known pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun that is a Fire Type mixed with Ghost type. The Ghost attribute makes the Alola Marowak susceptible to psychic and dark attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#105 Alola Marowak Fire Ghost
#806 Blacephalon Fire Ghost
Fire/ Ground

Fire Type Pokemon that have Ground as a part of their attributes receive x4 damage from Water type attacks. However they do have immunity to incoming Electric attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#322 Numel Fire Ground
#323 Camerupt Fire Ground
Mega Camerupt Fire Ground
Fire/ Normal

Having the normal type as part of their attribute makes the Fire Type pokemon immune to Ghost type attacks and susceptible to Fighting attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#667 Litleo Fire Normal
#668 Pyroar Fire Dragon
Fire/ Psychic

Fire Type pokemon with psychic type attribute makes them susceptible to Dark type. This also increases the damage done to the fire type to x1 due to Psychic type pokemon being weak against Bug Types.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#555 Darmanitan (Zen Mode) Fire Psychic
#655 Delphox Fire Psychic
Fire/ Rock

Similar to Fire/ Ground Types Magcargo takes x4 damage from Water types. As of now and across generations until the whole Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon universe Magcargo is the only Fire/ Rock type pokemon.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#219 Magcargo Fire Rock
Fire/ Steel

Steel gives Fire type pokemon a chance to withstand Ice Bug and Fairy attacks reducing their attacks to 25% of their regular damage. They also become immune to Poison. However they take heavy damage to Ground Type attacks. Heatran being the only Fire Type Pokemon with Steel Attributes will take heavy damage from a Garchomp specializing in ATK with Earthquake.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#485 Heatran Fire Steel
Fire/ Water

Volcanion‘s a bit special due to it being a Fire/ Water Type Pokemon. This makes it able to take in Grass type attacks. However this makes it susceptible to Electric attacks Ground attacks and Rock attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#721 Volcanion Fire Water

Secondary: Fire

Even if the Fire type pokemon have the Fire type as a secondary type they are still susceptible to certain types. Their weaknesses are the same as those fire type pokemon that have fire as a primary attribute.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#228 Houndour Dark Fire
#229 Houndoom Dark Fire
Mega Houndoom Dark Fire
Ground/ Fire
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#383 Primal Groudon Ground Fire

Heat Rotom is the only known Electric/ Fire Type Pokemon in the whole pokeverse. This pokemon is weak to Rock and Water attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#479 Heat Rotom Electric Fire
Psychic/ Fire

Unfortunately for Victini being a psychic type pokemon makes it being the only Fire Type pokemon susceptible to Dark attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#494 Victini Psychic Fire
Ghost/ Fire

While Alola Marowak is a Fire/ Ghost type Litwick and its evolutions are classified under Ghost/ Fire Type pokemon due to their preference for ghost type attacks. The Ghost/ Fire Type pokemon are also immune to Fighting and Normal type attacks. To defeat a Ghost/ Fire type pokemon the player should bring a Water or Dark pokemon to take them out.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#607 Litwick Ghost Fire
#608 Lampent Ghost Fire
#609 Chandelure Ghost Fire

Larvesta and Volcarona until Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are the only two pokemon with this combination. The unique combination of this Bug/ Fire Type pokemon makes them highly resistant to Grass type attacks. But it makes them severely susceptible to Rock attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#636 Larvesta Bug Fire
#637 Volcarona Bug Fire
Dragon/ Fire
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#643 Reshiram Dragon Fire
Poison/ Fire

Salandit and Salazzle two new pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon are the only two that have Poison and Fire. And in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon they still retain the title of being the only two. They are the only ones with a double resistance to Fairy Bug and Grass attacks. However they take quadruple damage against Ground types.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#757 Salandit Poison Fire
#758 Salazzle Poison Fire

Pokemon Types

Pokemon (Type)
Normal Fire Water
Electric Grass Ice
Fighting Poison Ground
Flying Psychic Bug
Rock Ghost Dragon
Dark Steel Fairy

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