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This article contains all the information about Water Type Pokemon including their weaknesses, their strengths from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Water Type Pokemon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Water Type Pokemon often appear in seas lakes or small ponds of water which players encounter via Surf or Fishing. In the pokeverse there are some trainers that specialize in training Water Type pokemon. Notable trainers under this category are Misty of Cerulean City Lana of Konikoni City on Akala Island Crasher Wake from Pastoria City and many others. From generations I-IV Water Type pokemon often specialized using special attacks. However after Generation IV some physical attacks have been included in their attack roster.

Battle Properties

Like any other pokemon Water Type pokemon have an advantage over certain types. Some of those types are Fire Ice Steel and Ground. However they also take neutral damage from other elements but deal halved damage against other pokemon. Some type combinations that take half-damage from Water Type pokemon are the Dragon Type pokemon.

Type Defenses

×2 Electric Grass
x1 Psychic Fairy Dark Bug Fighting Flying
×1/2 Rock Fire Ice Steel

However this can change if the pokemon is a dual-type (i.e. Water/Flying like Pelipper). Then Pelipper will take x4 damage against Electric Types but regular damage from grass type attacks.

Water Type

Pokedex No. Name Type
#7 Squirtle Water
#8 Wartortle Water
#9 Blastoise Water
Mega Blastoise Water
#54 Psyduck Water
#55 Golduck Water
#60 Poliwag Water
#61 Poliwhirl Water
#86 Seel Water
#90 Shellder Water
#98 Krabby Water
#99 Kingler Water
#116 Horsea Water
#117 Seadra Water
#118 Goldeen Water
#119 Seaking Water
#120 Staryu Water
#129 Magikarp Water
#134 Vaporeon Water
#158 Totodile Water
#159 Croconaw Water
#160 Feraligatr Water
#186 Politoed Water
#223 Remoraid Water
#224 Octillery Water
#245 Suicune Water
#258 Mudkip Water
#320 Wailmer Water
#321 Wailord Water
#341 Corphish Water
#349 Feebas Water
#350 Milotic Water
#351 CastformRainy Form Water
#366 Clamperl Water
#367 Huntail Water
#368 Gorebyss Water
#370 Luvdisc Water
#382 Kyogre Water
Primal Kyogre Water
#393 Piplup Water
#394 Prinplup Water
#418 Buizel Water
#419 Floatzel Water
#422 Shellos Water
#456 Finneon Water
#457 Lumineon Water
#489 Phione Water
#490 Manaphy Water
#501 Oshawott Water
#502 Dewott Water
#503 Samurott Water
#515 Panpour Water
#516 Simipour Water
#535 Tympole Water
#550 Basculin Water
#594 Alomomola Water
#656 Froakie Water
#657 Frogadier Water
#692 Clauncher Water
#693 Clawitzer Water
#728 Popplio Water
#729 Brionne Water
#746 WishiwashiSolo Form Water
WishiwashiSchool Form Water
#771 Pyukumuku Water

Dual Type

Dual Type pokemon often take more damage from a single element. However this is done in exchange for taking regular damage from another element the type in question is weak to. For example Pelipper is a dual Water/Flying Type pokemon. If Pelipper takes damage from a Grass Type attack it’ll only receive x1 damage because of it being half-Flying type. However if it gets hit from an Electric type attack Pelipper will take quadruple the damage.

Primary: Water

Dual Type Water Type Pokemon have two mixtures. One has Water as its primary type and the other as its secondary type. However regardless if the type is primary or secondary it does not affect the STAB and power of certain moves.


Water/Bug type Pokemon take half-damage from Fighting Ground Steel Water and Ice types. However they receive double damage from Flying Rock and Electric.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#751 Dewpider Water Bug
#752 Araquanid Water Bug

Water/Dark type pokemon are immune to psychic attacks. They also take half damage from Ghost-Type attacks Steel Fire Ice Water and Dark. However they become open to damage from Bug Electric Fairy Fighting and Grass types.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#130 Mega Gyarados Water Dark
#318 Carvanha Water Dark
#319 Sharpedo Water Dark
Mega Sharpedo Water Dark
#342 Crawdaunt Water Dark
#658 Greninja Water Dark
Ash Greninja Water Dark
Water/ Dragon

Water Type Pokemon under this dual type take neutral damage from Electric attacks and Ice attacks. However they can still take double damage from Fairy-type attacks and Dragon-type attacks due to their secondary Dragon-type.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#230 Kingdra Water Dragon
#484 Palkia Water Dragon
Water/ Ground

Water Type Pokemon under this category are immune to Electric attacks. However they can take quadruple damage from Grass attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#194 Wooper Water Ground
#195 Quagsire Water Ground
#259 Marshtomp Water Ground
#260 Swampert Water Ground
Mega Swampert Water Ground
#339 Barboach Water Ground
#340 Whiscash Water Ground
#423 Gastrodon Water Ground
#536 Palpitoad Water Ground
#537 Seismitoad Water Ground
Water/ Electric

Water/Electric types take double damage from Ground Types and Grass Types. However the Electric type included in the Water Type allows the pokemon under this group to take half damage from Flying types.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#170 Chinchou Water Electric
#171 Lanturn Water Electric
Water/ Fairy

Because of the Fairy Type attribute the Water/Fairy pokemon do not take damage from Dragon type attacks. However they still take damage from Electric Grass and Poison type attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#183 Marill* Water Fairy
#184 Azumarill* Water Fairy
#730 Primarina Water Fairy
#788 Tapu Fini Water Fairy
Water/ Fighting

The Fighting attribute makes the Water/Fighting pokemon vulnerable to Psychic and Flying attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#62 Poliwrath Water Fighting
#647 Keldeo Water Fighting
#647 Keldeo Water Fighting
Water/ Flying

Any pokemon under this type takes neutral damage from Grass type attacks but takes quadruple damage from Electric attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#130 Gyarados Water Flying
#226 Mantine Water Flying
#278 Wingull Water Flying
#279 Pelipper Water Flying
#458 Mantyke Water Flying
#580 Ducklett Water Flying
#581 Swanna Water Flying
Water/ Ghost

The Ghost type attribute is what makes these water types susceptible to also psychic and dark attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#592 Frillish Water Ghost
#593 Jellicent Water Ghost
Water/ Grass

As a half-Grass Type Pokemon the Water Type Pokemon under this category are susceptible to Poison Bug and Flying.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#270 Lotad Water Grass
#271 Lombre Water Grass
#272 Ludicolo Water Grass
Water/ Ice

The Water Type pokemon under this category take double damage from Fighting Rock Grass and Electric type attacks. However they take half damage from Water and Ice attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#087 Dewgong Water Ice
#091 Cloyster Water Ice
#131 Lapras Water Ice
Water/ Poison

Pokemon under this category take double damage from Ground Electric and Psychic type.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#072 Tentacool Water Poison
#073 Tentacruel Water Poison
#211 Qwilfish Water Ice
Water/ Psychic

The pokemon here take double damage from Ghost Bug and Dark types along with the standard weaknesses to Water Type pokemon.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#79 Slowpoke Water Psychic
#80 Slowbro Water Psychic
Mega Slowbro Water Psychic
#121 Starmie Water Psychic
#199 Slowking Water Psychic
#779 Bruxish Water Psychic
Water/ Rock

To defeat pokemon from this category players need to use Fighting Ground Electric attacks for double damage. However players can also easily defeat them by using Grass Type pokemon.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#222 Corsola Water Rock
#369 Relicanth Water Rock
#564 Tirtouga Water Rock
#565 Carracosta Water Rock

While Empoleon being the only known Water-Steel is immune to Poison Type it takes double damage from Fighting Ground and Electric. The fire damage done to it increases but Grass type damage done to it is halved.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#395 Empoleon Water Steel

Secondary: Water

Secondary Water Type Pokemon give more priority to certain types of attacks. For example if the pokemon is a Rock/ Water Type Pokemon it will prioritize more Rock-type moves in terms of dealing damage. However in terms of weakness their weaknesses are similar to those who have Water as their primary type.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#138 Omanyte Rock Water
#139 Omastar Rock Water
#140 Kabuto Rock Water
#141 Kabutops Rock Water
#688 Binacle Rock Water
#689 Barbaracle Rock Water
Bug/ Water
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#283 Surskrit Bug Water
#767 Wimpod Bug Water
#768 Golisopod Bug Water
Electric/ Water
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#479 Wash Rotom Electric Water
Fire/ Water

Volcanion‘s a bit special due to it being a Fire/ Water Type Pokemon. This makes it able to take in Grass type attacks. However this makes it susceptible to Electric attacks Ground attacks and Rock attacks.

Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#721 Volcanion Fire Water
Ice/ Water
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#363 Spheal Ice Water
#364 Sealeo Ice Water
#365 Walrein Ice Water
Normal/ Water
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#400 Bibarel Normal Water
Poison/ Water
Pokedex No. Name Type 1 Type 2
#690 Skrelp Poison Water
#747 Mareanie Poison Water
#748 Toxapex Poison Water

Pokemon Types

Pokemon (Type)
Normal Fire Water
Electric Grass Ice
Fighting Poison Ground
Flying Psychic Bug
Rock Ghost Dragon
Dark Steel Fairy

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