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This page contains news on Possibility of a New Ultra Space Shows Kartana. It reveals hints on the possible Ultra Space, locations, and speculations.

Possibility of a New Ultra Space Shows Kartana

Ultra Space, an alternate dimension with the first shown in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This refers to the area inhabited originally by an Ultra Beast. In the previous games, this is accessible through the Ultra Wormhole, a portal linking the Region to the dimension. The idea came up from the researches of Professor Burnet however one of the trailers from the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trailer exposes that the New Ultra Space Shows Kartana.

New Ultra Space Shows Kartana

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On the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trailer it shows the updated Version of Verdant Cavern. Judging from the location’s layout, it bears a resemblance to the Ultra Space of Nihilego as seen in the Main Story of Sun and Moon. The area zooms out showing a sneak-peek of a Straw-Hat wearing men guarding the sides. At the end of the cavern, findings mention that this is likely to reveal the habitat of the Drawn Sword Pokemon Kartana. The claim stemmed from the finding that a small figure with orange markings appeared on an zoomed-in screenshot of the mentioned image.

New Ultra Space Shows Kartana 1

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New Ultra Space Shows Kartana: Possibility of Variety and Lore

New Ultra Space Shows Kartana 2

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Kartana first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon, however its origins were unknown. It was last seen patrolling Malie Garden and is an exclusive for Pokemon Sun players. As a version-exclusive, it ties with Celesteela with the latter occurring in Pokemon Moon. If this holds true for the next pair of games, it is likely that Celesteela will also receive its own Ultra Space.

Regarding the New Ultra Space Shows Kartana, if this is certainly the Ultra Space of the Drawn Sword Pokemon, it may hint at showing additional origin stories. This bridges the gap between Ultra Beasts and the Alola Region to elaborate on the story. Following from Sun and Moon, it gives more knowledge of the UB roots. This can expand on the story behind the existence of Wormholes and their relevance. It is however unknown if there certain Characters in pursuit of the corresponding UB. Previously, there is evidence that the Aether Foundation’s President pursued after the Parasite Pokemon.

In addition if the upcoming Ultra Spaces are linked directly to the Story, this could suggest that other Trainers or Main Characters would receive the effects of the corruption.

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