Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Akala Island Lana’s Trial: Walkthrough

This page contains a Walkthrough for Akala Island Part 1. This part takes place from your arrival to Heahea City up to the first trial in the island.

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Akala Island Lana’s Trial Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers Akala Island Part 1 from the island’s introduction up to Lana’s Trials for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Story Route

  • Hau’oli City
    • Alola Photo Club
  • Route 2
    • Mantine Surf
  • Heahea City
    • Battle with Dexio/Sina
  • Route 4
  • Paniola Town
    • Battle with Hau
  • Paniola Ranch
    • Getting Stoutland Ride Pager
  • Route 5
    • Battle with Gladion
  • Brooklet Hill
    • Getting Lapras Ride Pager
    • Totem Pokemon Battle (Wishiwashi)
    • Getting Waterium Z-Crystal

Hau’oli City

  1. The Alola Photo Club event occurs on the south side of Hau’oli City.
  2. When you go outside (which leads to Route 2), a cutscene occurs.

Route 2

  1. A cutscene occurs at the start of Route 2.
  2. A cutscene also occurs upon entering Big Wave Beach. A new Ride Pager, Mantine Surf, will be given to you after the cutscene.
  3. Head to Heahea City (Akala Island).

Map Information

Trainer Encounters
Surfer 1

Heahea Beach

  1. Head south to reach Heahea City.

Heahea City

  1. A cutscene occurs after reaching Heahea City.
  2. After the cutscene, go to the front of the boutique and talk to Lillie.
  3. After talking to her, go to the hotel and cutscene with Dexio and Sina occurs. If you are playing Ultra Sun you will battle Dexio, but if you are playing Ultra Moon you will battle Sina.

Trainer Battle: Dexio (Ultra Sun)/Sina (Ultra Moon)

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Full Restore After the battle with Dexio or Sina
Revive At the hotel
Fresh Water At the hotel

Route 4

  1. Head to the end of the route and go to Paniola Town.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Igglybuff (Rare) Grass
Grubbin Grass
Lillipup Grass
Pikipek Grass
Mudbray Grass
Eevee Grass
Yungoos Grass Only at daytime
Item Location Notes
Great Ball Route 4
Tiny Mushroom Route 4
Revive Route 4
Energy Root Route 4
Trainer Encounters
Bellhop Collector Sightseer 1
Sightseer 2 Cook

Paniola Town

  1. Hau challenges you to a battle once you reach Paniola Town.

Trainer Battle: Hau

  1. Hau gives you 680 Pokedollars and a Dire Hit once you beat him.
  2. Head to the west side of the city and help the person there who is attacked by Team Skull.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Moomoo Milk Talk to a person found to the west of the city
Dire Hit Given by Hau after battle
TM88 (Pluck) Go to the 6th road of Paniola Town and head left

Paniola Ranch

  1. At the end of the Ohana Ranch, talk to Mallow and she will give you a Ride Pager Stoutland
  2. Talk to the person at the northwest of the ranch and that person will give you a Wide Lens after battle.
  3. Head east and go to the side of the store to reach Route 5,

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Possible Level Notes
Tauros 12
Lillipup 14
Mudbray 14
Name Location Notes
Fresh Water West of the ranch
Wide Lens Given after battle  –
Adrenaline Orb Talk to the woman to the east of the ranch
Amulet Coin Behind the red truck where you see a guy doing sit ups. It’s right by three crates stacked against the house.
Trainer Encounters
Madame Pokemon Breeder 1 Pokemon Breeder 2

Route 5

  1. Head towards the end of the route and a battle with Team Skull’s Gladion occurs.

Trainer Battle: Gladion

  • Gladion starts the battle with a Level 17 Zorua which first appears as a Level 17 Zubat. Defeat the Zorua with fighting moves before whittling down the Zubat with either Rock type moves or Electric type moves. His last pokemon is Type Null which you can defeat with Fighting Type moves.

  1. Hau gives you three Revives for helping him.
  2. Head to Brooklet Hill.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Fomantis Route 5
Lillipup Route 5
Pikipek Route 5
Caterpie Route 5
Diglett (Alola) Route 5
Grubbin Route 5
Trainer Encounters
Twins Pokemon Breeder 1 Pokemon Breeder 2
Rising Star Duo

Brooklet Hill

  1. Lana, the Akala Island Trial Captain, will meet you at the floating bridge on Brooklet Hill. Cross the bridge and speak to her to start the trial.
  2. Go through the grassy area. A cutscene with Lana starts as she explains the mechanics of the Akala Island Trial. She asks you to investigate the splashing that is coming from the lake. She registers a Lapras in your Ride Pager, so ride the Lapras to the splashing in the middle of the lake and inspect it.
  3. Keep removing the vigorous splashing until you finally reach the end. The lakes form a line so it’s easy to follow the path down.
  4. Be sure your party has full health to take on the Akala Island Totem Pokemon challenge ahead.

Akala Island Totem Pokemon Encounter – Araquanid Lv. 20

  • Welcome to the main event of the Akala Island walkthrough! When the battle starts, Araquanid will gain a stage 1 speed boost. If you attack the Araquanid with an electric attack, it’ll eat the Wacan Berry to lower the incoming damage.
  • If you have Rockruff, it should have Thunder Fang to deal heavy damage. This should also be easy if you picked Rowlet as your starter pokemon.
  • Araquanid will also send out SOS calls, calling a Dewpider to aid it during battle.
  • Watch out for your health and keep dishing out super effective attacks to defeat Araquanid. After that, you’ll have finished the first Totem Trial for Akala Island.
  • Lana will then call you back to her and she’ll give you the Waterium Z, a fishing rod, and 10 Dive Balls.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Tentacool Brooklet Hill
Wingull Brooklet Hill
Item Location Notes
Ride Pager Lapras After talking to the trial captain
Waterium Z After completing the trial
Fishing Rod After completing the trial
Dive Balls x10 After completing the trial
Trainer Encounters
Fisherman 1 Fisherman 2 Fisherman 3


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